Work from Home

Work from Home

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Though not unknown to the world, the ‘work from home’ culture has taken a new turn. The outbreak of coronavirus has created a new culture of working-class people. Some of which drown themselves into work and others are forcefully being dunked into the sea of endlessness.
Today, many have lost their jobs and many live in fear. Markets are low, many industries are hard to hit and still, people tend to stand thankless. Thankless of having an earning, thankless of having a roof, thankless of being pushed into endless working hours; thankless to be!
In all fairness, employers are also misusing this time. They are taking advantage of what is and what will be and stretching their employees to limits which they are unable to; in the office physical environment.
Time zones have created havoc, if its 5 pm at the employers, it could be already late night where the employee is. People end up working 10 hours a day and sometimes more than that to fulfill deadlines. Even though work is slower and movement restricted but urgencies have not seized. People working from home in the same cities have an added stress, they are working endlessly throughout, being stuck in the same time zone. Virtual meetings, phone calls, emails, phone calls, WhatsApp, phone calls, skype and did I mention phone calls?
So how do people who work from home, act? Especially those who have no previous experience in this culture. Do they dress up in the morning, do they only half dress up for video calls, do men shave? Or are all of us in pajamas? Are they one time, do they start late, do they start early, can they call in sick?
And what about hunger? Will, not a person staying at home be continuously hungry? Are endless tea breaks allowed? Is the partner at home supposed to facilitate? How many times can children knock? Are Asian women still getting all dressed up at 6 pm?
Have we forgotten that the kids are also at home?
For some, who wanted a home office and never had it, it’s a trial run, to see how this can be. For those already in it, they are just on overdrive right now.
‘Work from home’ requires excessive discipline; workaholics will just continue to work without any time or relationship concern. Those working to save or maintain their jobs will fuel in more time and effort on work. This will have a strain on both relationships and work.
At this present time, the wait out period seems to have an end which is not visible. The key is to stay positive and hope for the best; to pray and to believe that there is a better future ahead.

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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