Women in politics and law

Women in politics and law

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“There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.” —Michelle Obama.
Women are an epitome of goodness and chastity. She is a complete human being, having intellectual skills, management skills and is multitasking. In today’s world, women are at par with men. The common belief that men are superior to women is no longer applicable. Even in some of the fields like that in the education sector women are performing better than men.
A thing that comes to the mind, is the participation of women in the tough and harsh fields like politics and law. Though the percentage of women in these fields is low, there is significant progress for a decade or so. Women, having good communication skills, management ability and assisting power, do come in this field and increase their ability. One of the finest examples is of the first women PM of India, Indira Gandhi. She was a lady with ultimate courage and a fast decision-maker. Having a political background, she knew the loopholes of politics and accomplished the blue star mission.

Another example, Justice Leila Seth. Leila Seth was the first woman judge on the Delhi High Court and she became the first woman to become Chief Justice of a state High Court. A champion of women’s rights, the well-known judge was responsible for amendments to the Hindu Succession Act giving equal rights to daughters in the joint family property. She also stood for the rights of transgenders and gave decisions in their favor. Seth is idolized by all the young female judges who learn and get inspired by her flawless decisions and her ability to stand for the right.

In a country, where women are not even allowed to talk to other men, Benazir Bhutto became the first woman PM of Pakistan. She was the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority nation. Ideologically a liberal and a secularist, she chaired or co-chaired the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) from the early 1980s until her death. Bhutto regarded herself as an ardent supporter of women’s rights and took a hard stance against militant Islamism. Although she had to compromise with Pakistan’s powerful Islamist lobby, she favored a secular government for the country. Despite, so much negativity in the region, she stood for herself and the cause of women’s rights.

A current example is of our hon’ble Minister of External Affairs Sushma Swaraj. She is an Indian politician, former Supreme Court lawyer and the current Minister of External Affairs of India, in office since 26 May 2014. A leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Swaraj is the second woman to be India’s Minister of External Affairs, after Indira Gandhi. Being an External Minister of a country like India is one of the toughest jobs. We have many good orators, political leaders having great capabilities. Still, she was selected for the finest abilities she has – the gift of the gab.
The examples prove the point that women are no less than men. They dare to stand for themselves and prove the world wrong. In our country, females are not encouraged to participate in politics. Their families think that pursuing law or politics as a career will not be safe for them. Families, therefore, restrict them to mere graduation and then get them married. This mentality has to be changed and people should understand that marriage can wait but education cannot. No place in this world is safe or unsafe, it depends upon our presence of mind and alertness. Secondly, people consider the fact that girls have to get married and they cannot serve society well due to family problems. Problems and challenges come in everyone’s life, whether a male or a female. These problems can’t come in between the career. Gradually, the problems will subside. But if an opportunity for a female is subsided it cannot be grabbed again.

Hence, the Government should take measures to encourage women in this field. They can launch awareness programs, or can exempt fee from different law colleges to encourage female students in the field. It can reserve seats in colleges and ministries of Law for women candidates so that they come up in this field.

Women have far better abilities and skills than men. Given the opportunities and education, they can make the country a better place to live in. Young females should be encouraged to join politics or law, to bring the best out of them. No one in this world is superior or inferior, it just depends upon the skills and presence of mind which makes a difference.

A woman is surely a daughter, a wife, a mother, and a daughter-in-law. She handles all these responsibilities without any complaints and does them flawlessly. Having so many skills, including one of time management, administration, and finance management – a woman is a perfect leader and can handle a country. If given a chance they will surely serve as a catalyst in the speedy justice process and the development of our nation.


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