Why it is okay to be vulnerable?

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I say this with utmost understanding and responsibility and the right context. When I say vulnerable, I never mean to be vulnerable physically, that way anyone can exploit you. No, everyone should be strong physically.

What I mean by vulnerable is to be vulnerable emotionally- if you try doing that even for a day, you develop tremendous empathy and your ego comes crushing down. Try it for a while and you can almost feel other people’s deep emotions. You also become very receptive as your own guard is down. It also means accepting our weaknesses and working to rectify it without any guilt.

It is almost like being a child again without the tantrums of childhood. I tried it sometimes back and I almost always slip into that mode effortlessly. I don’t know what to call this, but I feel very light in my mind and feel my heart at peace.

It should be taught to students and to people who are too stressed to even smile a bit. After all, laughter has the potential to heal.

I love bringing in ideas close to my heart.

I promise a longer article next time. Till then, keep smiling and helping each other.

satish mishra

I am an IT professional, but a writer at heart. I yearn to travel places, learn about new people , and their lives. Anything and everything ancient about India excites me to no end and i go deep into researching it. I have interests in Ancient Indian warfare weapons, farming, alchemy, vimanas, portable furnace, and lot more. Its very easy to know me, only thing i despise is judging me due to my outer appearance, looks can be misleading. know me first and then take a call. Enough said...

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  1. In the daily hassle of our life, we forget to cherish the small moments, imo, even a small victory in our endeavours is worth to celebrate

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