Who Makes the Difference?

Who Makes the Difference?

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At times in life, we wonder how differences come about; what factors determine the difference or what event creates change. As life moves on so does change. Some changes big enough for us to not even imagine and some changes so petty that they could go unnoticeable.
Most changes are gradual, maybe like the building of a flyover. An event which is witnessed for a period of time and the difference either good or bad is obvious in time.
Some changes are sudden, like an implication of a law; the roads will be cleared of all hawkers and thus done!
Only after the difference do we realise if the change is good or bad. This would also defer from one school of thought to another or between one man’s thinking to another. A certain change could be good for someone and the same could be unfavourable for another.
So how does a country head, organisation head or even the head of a family determine what is a good change and how do they come to a conclusion that on the whole this event or thing will make a difference. Each to his/her own I would say but wouldn’t that be too dramatic and losing the reigns a bit too much?
Worldly laws being social, religious, political, economical or whatever factor, are a need of a society; always was and always will be. This doesn’t mean that our thinking is being suppressed, it merely means that where you are what you do has a certain code of conduct to it.
Then why is man/woman so impatient? Even time changes, literally!!
We are all risk takers, those of you who think you are not then that’s your mistake. We take the risk of sleeping not knowing if we will be able to wake up tomorrow, we live in high-rise buildings not knowing the one guy who cemented the blocks of our 25th floor balcony, where we sit every day. We sit in aeroplanes with pilots we don’t know.
So, risk is always part of the difference.
And when we take risks to create differences we head into it with a determination and force because we have put in our all and plan to take it all the way until there becomes a difference.
Let’s take a change of house help. For sure a good help will make a lot of difference, it could be slow or could be sudden.
Why not think of a change of government…Rest assured this is not a political piece!
I met this wonderful lady on a national carrier, on an international flight, she was flying this particular airline after a zillion years (a slight exaggeration here) and seemed to not like any aspect. We got talking and I ensured her that my spouse had travelled the same route a year back and I could not stress enough that this is a difference!
Can I also add that differences also are different from where you are viewing them from.
For people who are more exposed to life, small differences towards betterment hardly matter because they have experienced way better in their own personal setup.
I also wondered during my international flight and domestic the next day, as to how come this plane is so spacious… it’s not all cramped and I have space for a set of more than an extra set of legs!! Is this a change and how much difference has this made in the travellers lives?
The change of smiling faces, courteous staff, helpful hands and pleasantries is always welcomed and appreciated and sometimes applauded also.
As humans we are also in a hurry, specially our generation, the so called generation x. This idea of us being in a hurry is rather interesting because growing up we saw tremendous changes take place. We were the generation that waited to book a call on the phone, waiting to hear from the other side, we waited for dial up network to dial, we waiting for letters to arrive, for spouses and children to come back home in the evenings. We also waited to grow up, enjoying our childhood. And here we are today extremely and terribly impatient. Criticising and complaining while we wait. We are even unable to wait in check out queues!! Is the change in us, good or bad?
In today’s world when change is mandatory for life, when everything we own is disposable and replaceable; where do we see ourselves? Are we part of the change or are we the change?
But the question to be asked is not what makes a difference or what changes? It all about ‘who’ makes the difference, who feels the difference, who is part of the difference… who made the change possible?
We tend to play the blame game throughout our lives. Because of this that happened or because of that this happened. Why do we never say, I could have made a difference, I could be the change.
Today various countries have raised their standards of enforcing rules and regulations by hefty fines, jail time, black points etc. All in the name of changing for the better. Sadly, we as peoples of a nation only abide when enforced by force. Sadly we do not want to be the change, sadly we are not ready to create a difference unless we are forced, backed up into a corner and the change is slapped on our faces real hard.
When will be the day when each individual will say ‘I want to be the change!’
Will there be a time when we are ready to take responsibilities of making a difference.
One smile, one ‘thank you’, one handshake makes all the difference. You can change a person’s day and the ripple affect can change a nations day.
That is the change we need, this is the change we require; not waiting for others to step up but stepping up to be the change and making the difference.
Could there be a world, like so?

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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