What would you do if you have a ′′ Corona / David 19 virus ???

What would you do if you have a ′′ Corona / David 19 virus ???

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Advice, take it from the tongue of Ethiopians!


In the world, there is 80 percent of the people who have been caught in the hospital, ′′ in corona ′′ or ′′ David 19 virus ′′ or ′′ David 19 virus ′′ are 80 percent of the people who are still registered in their house. 20 percent of the 20 % of the 20 % of the 20 % of the 20 % of the 19 % of these are only 5 percent of them in a high observation section and half of them (2•5 percent). It has been said that they need oxygen support. The people who gave me the voice of this article are 80 of those who were saved in their house. When Ethiopians are residents of Saudi Arabia, they are a husband, wife, son, and wife. ′′ what will you do if you have a culprit?” read my writing ′′ maybe if he used Ethiopians, we will tell you that we won’t be able to do it. ′′ send me a message to put their phone in a message. And I called them and spoke to them in the field. The age of Ethiopia is from 38 to 15 years old. First, she is a wife who started the pain. I felt like hitting her throat with a high fever. They said it will be tonsil. Two people who were working in Europe where the girl was working in Europe, she was sent to her name and following the disease of the country, according to the guidance of the country, the organization has been closed for a while. On the third day, the pain of a woman followed by a strong person. ′′ my throat has become hard as a cement of cement. I think it’s not a problem but my throat is going out. I felt like the body of a body. It doesn’t make a lot of fun. ′′ when the husband is worried, Ethiopia will call with his family. Then he gets different tips. One Ethiopian who knows in Riyadh goes with one Ethiopian who knows in Riyadh. It’s stress. In my writing, I write not all the advice that they have been saved, but not all the advice that they have been saved.

The first advice is to drink white garlic with an empty stomach for three days. It is only a clove of white garlic that has been left in an empty stomach or drinking white garlic with milk. The throat should not be reached at any time. When the throat starts, it will be like a cement stone-like wind, so people can easily be saved from the disease. So drink hot things as we do when we have the wind in Ethiopia. We also drink ginger tea. There is a lot of fun. In General, Ethiopia is a medicine for all Ethiopia. The fear of us first is the fear of us and the fear of us. ′′ they said. ′′ in the evening, there is also strong white garlic with milk, including teaspoon quarter, and we have made this for a week. But we didn’t stop doing it. When they feel a little pain so that they can’t touch the stomach, leave them alone and one day they should jump two days. This is why we go out before we sleep with a little sprayed white garlic with a little spoon. Send us the person we know here in Riyadh. The one who drinks water is also cut a lemon in water without water. The Lemon is closed here in a jug. It is to increase water in the water when the water is finished. We should never drink cold things. If there is no lemon, it is drinking water alone. ′′ they said. They were also taking a break from the wind and fever for themselves. After 10 days a wife’s throat is getting less than 10 days and a husband will arrive at his friend’s car.

Because a husband falls where a husband works. **” I fell when I was near a conference. ′′ I have On the same day a wife will help her sleep sick in her house. Then he followed the son. They only give milk with white garlic a day, but the elders did all that Mrs. Rowa did, at least she didn’t like her stone, but she didn’t give their struggle with her. ′′ you are amazing; they say that the virus will stay 14 days. We have confirmed him by ourselves. Here’s my 13th day I think I’m going to feel even when oxygen goes to samba. ′′ I have a husband. ′′ why do you understand why it’s hard as a stone on your throat when you see the white garlic and fat that comes out after we take it. ′′ I’m sorry. People who have a stomach have advised them to take the white onion and eat the white onion only with milk. The first day of a wife’s brother has a lot of white garlic instead of drinking water instead of drinking water instead of drinking water, tell them to be careful of others. Otherwise, we have put the stress on the chest of white garlic at night. So it will benefit. ′′ they said. In General, the people told me that it is a disease that can be saved by the disease in Ethiopia. I have been on the phone for more than an hour, I have been aware that they are fine, and the people have played that they can be saved on national solutions. Everyone should understand that the disease needs heat and enough rest. What we understand when we pass through these is how important is the hand clean and how important it is. Therefore, they did not hide me that it was necessary to wash their hands as much as possible. Because I don’t think that people who share this information will be a lot of people who can be filled with science, but I am sure that I will use myself.

#My increase!

** You deserve to understand that you don’t have any other injury before you use this article. For example, I don’t think a person who has sugar should receive advice. We all need to say the key thing that we all deserve to say the key thing that we should say to the top of the skin, high fever, high fever, high fever and pain (Drilling). It is. For there is nothing that we lose or hurt, but that we don’t do it.

* Honey in white garlic I always use it. Know that there’s a little burning feeling.

*** It is possible to understand that the Ethiopians are only white garlic in Ethiopia because they don’t get the scales near them. So because of white garlic and damascene, dead body, Sunday, donkey ears (Leaf), white sea tree, etc.!

May God protect us all, and make us what we can do.
Amen! ”

Our friend ST. Mehalu ′′ be caught by the tongue of Ethiopians! The information we share is cool. I think it’s wise to use the information while taking care of me.


Nayeem Zaki

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