What Will You Be?

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I was in The Gulf, staring occasionally at the corniche, as the waves rapidly hit the rocks; writing an article for Krityam, when I found out about coronavirus (I refuse to use a ‘the’ before corona or giving corona a capital ‘c’, so as, not to make it important in a sort of language way).
So, People from Mainland China were traveling from/to other countries around Chinese New Year, that was when the news arrived, it is believed to start there but it could have started anywhere, that isn’t the concern; especially now that it’s everywhere. What matters is that the news came and changed the world. Days moved into weeks and weeks into months and covid 19 became a pandemic most of us feared and dreaded.
Initially, no one seemed to understand the intensity, some still don’t understand. Apart from it being what it is, a virus; some call it ‘world war 3’, some come up with a ‘conspiracy theory’, some say it’s extremely deadly and dangerous and some just don’t care and are still getting together and having parties…Thank you ‘party people’ for all the lockdown extensions! (says the writer in a sarcastic tone).

In other news, meme writers/makers/creators are having a wonderfully eventful time. It’s amazing how intellectually witty these people are. At times I wonder, who are you?? This person; who came up with this-

Finally, after 47 years, the answer has been found-

‘Bahar says koee andar na a sakay
Andar say koee bahar na ja sakay
Socho kabhi aisa ho toh kia ho
Socho kabhi aisa ho toh kia ho

Tik Tok seems to be doing very well too. What about all those stay at home husbands who have turned into amazing chefs (mine included), weren’t they supposed to be working from home than in the home? And about the women who are tired of cooking and cleaning, will they come out hating these activities? The fear that lockdown will be over and my hair will not be dyed? The fear of getting fat because eating is all we are doing? The fear of getting a bit insane? The fear that the kids will drive us insane? What about new clothes? What is the purpose of all this? Is this a test or a punishment? Who am I?

So, have you given it a thought; as to what or who will you be after all this ends?

Blessed are those countries, where the government is supporting and helping the nation.
What has impressed me the most is the empathy and open-heartedness of many. Charity work is in full swing, the private sector has stood up, individuals have shown how able they are. The common man has helped pick up the common man. These organizations and individuals are putting themselves out there, amidst the virus, amidst the suffering with a sole purpose to help the nation, help families, help individuals.

Organizations are helping/feeding caged and stranded animals, this is humanity!

Today, we feel sad, depressed, connected, involved but the main question is, ‘What will we be tomorrow when all of this is over?’ Will we still be caring, sympathetic, concerned? Will we still worry about the nation? Will we still be ready to do and feel? Will we still bow down to the creator and ask forgiveness?

Think about it? What will you be?

If this test makes you a better person, so, for sure this is a time to stay aware of the changes in yourself and hold onto the goodness and connection you feel. The emotions and empathy you feel now, keep it in your heart for when this is all over.
Learn what is important in life and keep that lesson memorized.

Make sure when you say ‘I survived the covid 19 years’, truly make sure; that you are a living example of what humanity faced and went through and proof that your example can be followed positively.

Stay Strong!

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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