What Makes a Good Leader?
A leader leads by example

What Makes a Good Leader?

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What really makes a good leader?

A question that puzzles a lot of people. As a writer, I have a few sentiments on what makes a good leader. My opinion of a good leader is as follows:

  1. A good leader poses qualities such as honesty and integrity.

  2. Leadership needs one to be a good communicator and inspire others.

  3. Good leaders will make people feel safe because these people know that they can trust the leaders as they have shown good qualities during leadership.

  4. Accountability is important as a good leader should be able to clearly account for most tasks done.

  5. Good leaders allow creativity and innovation from the people.

  6. They do not focus on themselves but strive to help others and even listen to their ideas.

  7. People under good leadership clearly trust one another and build each other as they emulate a good example from their good leader.

  8. Good leaders are mostly givers. They give immeasurable help to others and inspire them to do better on a daily basis. People who are givers in a company make the firm blossom as their good need to help others grow radiates.

  9. They sacrifice a lot without expecting anything in return.

Concluding, a good leader should lead by example; the leader should pave a way for others to follow and emulate. Modeling a good way for others is vital in any leadership scenario as people tend to follow what the leader does.

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