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What it is all about? Is it about only working hard and giving more time to your work or is it more about just doing something that will take you to the next level?
But many a time what I get to see is people making lesser efforts or giving less time in comparison of me are easily able to live their lives more happily and they score higher grades then that of me. How am I wrong?
We are provided with the same resources, same status quo, still, there is a difference in my scores and his scores. I can feel that between my and his result but why it is there?
If I am not worth it then why was I selected?
What more can I do to attain my goals or attain good marks?? Is there anything that I can be done? I feel so helpless!
Time to see if there are people out there suffering from the same issues.

Hey! I’m Sumit.

I am pursuing CA and it’s my 3rd attempt for 2nd round that is IPCC. But I’m not sure whether I would be able to crack it this time or not. I’m making my earnest efforts to clarify my exam but due to some reason, my results are just not in my favour. Why I’m unable to get it done? I study for 10hrs a day still I cannot make it.

Hey! I’m Puransh.

I am from Kota preparing for medical colleges. In my batch, there are 200 students. And someone told me that you should go to classes daily and do all you are asked to do at home. and after doing that also I’m here with no selection. I used to be known as a topper in my school days. Harsh!

Hello! I’m CA Aditya.

I am currently working in an organization and there is one person who works way more than me but to my much surprise, he is unable to complete his daily assigned work. I wonder why and how. In my initial days, I thought that he must be the employee of the year as he works so much for the organization but soon I realized that the reality was way different or one can say that our open area was expanding in reference of Johari window.

And so on, there is ‘n’ number of people working out there who face problems or they carry a thought they are not getting worth for their efforts. But getting back to our very first question-


Now we can answer that question as we have gone through several examples. So the answer is that no it is surely not about just working hard else every one out there who is working hard would be easily able to crack any exam. Or competition would be easier just to sit with books for hours and you would succeed.

If we see it differently, it sounds very foolish when someone says that sitting ideally won’t get you success and we feel yes we know that if we don’t read the lines written in books and just sit ideal for hours like book is open in front of you and your mind is not here but it is thinking something else and you keep on reading the same line for thousands of time you might be able to just retain that sentence but won’t be able to understand and later you feel like you have gone through that particular line or paragraph several time but at the end, you are unable to just use it during your exams or you can say that it is hard for you to recall it after some time, say 2-3 weeks.

And the biggest problem is that we don’t even realize when we are doing it but we do it and end up harming our self-confidence and start thinking that we are not of that level to crack any competitive exams. But the reality is entirely different it’s all about quality, look I know there are different factors as well that affects one’s selection and but talking of one right now are that overthinking, lack of confidence, getting distracted and giving your ears to other stuff that are not of your use but consumes your mind and affects the quality of your hard work.

Studying a day is good but we should keep ourselves focused on our work and our motive. And study with focus and quality. See what really matter is the quality, the very common thing that makes a difference between a Rolex watch and a Fastrack watch is the quality. Right? the build quality, the material used. the case is the same with us as well how hard we polish ourselves and maintain our quality makes us shine brighter. It’s good to study for a half hour and then take a break of 5min. and again come back to study with new energy instead of just sitting with books for hours and watching clock every another minute to see how long you have been sitting.

So we should be focused when we are doing something and should never doubt our capabilities. Quality is a great thing. Two-person study the same page one study it while talking to his friend and another guy study it with full concentration. We all know this among the two who will retain it for longer and will hold a clear concept of it.


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