Want To Boost Your Self-Confidence?

Want To Boost Your Self-Confidence?

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“Confidence is not they will like me, confidence is I will be ok if they don’t because confidence is not how others view you, it’s about how you view yourself.”

                                          _Jay Shetty

If I talk about self-confidence it is having confidence in one’s abilities, views, perspectives, opinions and so on.

  1. Confidence is about giving value to yourself, your abilities, your opinions. In short, respect yourself. While positive thinking also plays a vital role in improving self-confidence. First of all, be positive in every aspect of life, about yourself, about your abilities, don’t be doubtful about them.

Don’t expect others to respect you, to love you, to like you, to make your own definition of happiness and success, don’t ask others for approval of your achievements, your success, your opinions.
First, start loving yourself, start liking yourself then others will also like you. They will love you, they will admire your self-confidence, and it is not necessary that if you like yourself then everyone in this world will like you most of them will still hate you, they will still don’t like you, they will say negative comments about you, about your looks, character, personality. You cannot be the favorite person for all at the same time.

This a world full of different people where everyone has set their own criteria regarding looks, personality, character and you don’t need to fit in according to their criteria, because if you truly love yourself, you have confidence in you, your abilities, you don’t need approval from others about yourself.

Don’t ask others how do I look? Ask yourself how do I look? Don’t ask others will I be able to achieve what I want? Ask yourself will I be able to achieve what I want? The only person to whom you need approval from is you, yourself, your own approval about you matters not others.

Respect your own opinion, your own thinking, your own values. Don’t change yourself for others you are beautiful the way you are. Compliment yourself then you won’t need compliments from others. If you will change yourself for others continuously, in the end, you will start hating yourself because everyone in this world has a different mindset and different thought process. Be independent of other’s approval about you.
If you start valuing yourself and know your worth you won’t need others to like you anymore and this will lead you towards self-improvement which will help you boost your self- confidence.

“The happier, more confident version of you is waiting
within- it’s time to let her shine.”
_Emma Kate Dawson.

Written by: BUSHRA FARHAD📝

Bushra Farhad

-Love to write. -I do write in both English and Urdu.

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