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View matters

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When you think your life is lifeless, just switch the view. But don’t give up. 

Ridhi, though a girl child born in a lower middle class family in the early 90s, brought a bundle of joy to her parents as she is the only child successfully survived after three losses in a row. While everyone is celebrating her, God has something else in store for her. Ridhi’s mom lost her only and dearest brother within 9 days of Ridhi’s birth. And the worst part of all is Ridhi’s mom was not allowed to cry loud and pour her heart out as she had cesarean recently to deliver Ridhi. Ridhi’s mom took all the pain silently.

Ridhi grew up. Her parents always gave her more than they could. She is a brilliant and active kid. She always stood first in whatever she got into. She loved the appreciation and attention she got when she achieved something. Ridhi got a little brother and Ridhi has become protective and responsible too for her brother. Still, her parents never disappointed her. They gave both of their kids more than they could.

Ridhi was unaware of her uncle and his death until she overheard unexpectedly while her mom and her sister were talking about it. Ridhi’s mom never complained that she lost her loving brother because of Ridhi’s bad fate, but her sister did. This shattered Ridhi from inside, not for that she understood the intense situation her mom was in when she lost her brother, but for the fact that people are considering her as a bad luck. In fact, her parents never cared about others’ thoughts. They always saw her as their luck.

Just like Ridhi knew this, her cousins too. They used to bully her during kids fights. Ridhi took it silently. She cried inside as she could neither understand her fault in it nor do something to get out of it.

Ridhi entered teens. By that time, Ridhi started believing people’s thoughts on her. Now she can understand the pain of losing a dearest one. All these years she carried the weight of guilt that her bad fate killed her uncle. Lots of thoughts used to flood her mind. She regretted winning the battle and surviving during her birth. Though she is super confident and active in studies and other activities, she had a very thin attachment with her mom. Reasons may be many – her mom being introverted, never pampered Ridhi but took extra care of her brother as his health was worst. Her mom being strict in bringing up kids. And the strongest reason is that Ridhi is depressed for being the reason behind her uncle’s death.

One fine moment, without any big motivation, Ridhi while talking to herself, realized that she can look at her problem in the other way too.. that her uncle gifted his life to Ridhi and blessed her with a whole life. Sooner she started believing this idea, her entire view towards her life was changed. The very same life which was piled up with guilt and depression, started looking like an amazing and precious gift no one on earth can ever get. She thanked her uncle for it and promised that she will never let a second go waste from here on. 

This feeling gave her a sudden boost of energy. It wiped off the concrete guilt that was killing her from inside for a long time. Ridhi continued excelling in her studies, secured a job, took family responsibilities at an early age and takes great care of her family now. And slowly barriers between her and her mom creeped out of the picture. Her life became easy. When she looks back and sees what has changed her life, it’s just her own view. How you see your life is all that matters at the end. Neither your family’s nor your relatives’, but your way of looking at your own life carves you.

So, when you think your life is lifeless, just switch the view. But don’t give up. Explore every side of your life, every opportunity that comes your way and make use of it to the fullest.

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