Transgender’s Blessing on Girl Child Birth!

Transgender’s Blessing on Girl Child Birth!

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I have seen a beautiful short story that a mom in law was saying to few transgenders to bless her daughter in law for a healthy child birth without considering it would be a baby boy or baby girl! Good initiative. But does that really happen? NO.
Being an Assamese daughter, I was born and brought up in Assam, I had never encountered with any transgender for any kind of dua or muh dikhai. It was an incident of 2004 when I was a newly married bride. Although I was not much mentally strong to face such situation at my young age. I was alone at home. The door bell rang and somebody knocked the door. I opened it and suddenly a transgender clapped her hands saying “Badhai Ho” and tried to enter the house. I was so frightened and shut the door. I dialed my husband’s number from landline. I was crying and told him a transgender was on the door. Hearing my frightening voice he came to home. Then my mom in law came. They made me cool. I was told it was their ritual that “transgender gives blessings to newly wed bride groom and newly born baby boy.” I had seen this kind of story in movies only before that. It was a surprising information for me!
Later the Guruma came again and took “Neik” from my mom in law and blessed me. She told me that she came even in my parents in law’s marriage and on my son’s father’s birth. Again she blessed me saying that she would like to come on my son’s birth. After one and half year, she came again on my son’s birth to take “Neik”. My son was only 10 days old that time. She blessed him too. Then I asked all the members if she came on my step daughter’s birth? I got a clear answer – ” transgender never goes on any Girl Child birth”!!!

Malabika SK

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