‘Tis Life!

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“Life is a balance between holding on and letting go.” Rumi

What is life? For some is it an easy ride, for others, it isn’t. Each one of us are of the notion that my struggle is the hardest, most difficult and never ending. Each one of us believe truly in our hearts that we are in the worst of situations. Each one of us see the struggle of others, lesser and insignificant in front of our own.

In my school days our course included an article, in which the people of the world were told to discard their problems in a huge pile and then were allowed to pick and choose any other problem, which seemed ‘lesser of an issue’ or to which they hold a ‘Oh! this is not an issue’ attitude. After a while they all realised that their own problem was way easier to handle then the problem they have now.

If we realise and try to adjust our vision, we will comprehend, even though how difficult our situation is; there are people around us who are suffering way more than we are. We need to understand that life comes with many ups and downs and struggles are part of the journey.

Not many of us count our blessings; from waking up in the morning, smiling, being able to smell the freshness of coffee, being blessed with parents, with siblings, friends; having knowledge, being able to type, being aware, to drive, to buy….to breathe.

If life has problems, it also has love, mercy, togetherness, kindness…hope, happiness, joy and limitless dreams, waiting to become realities. Have faith in the process; believe that all events, all situations will change…. the bad will be followed by the good and vice versa. Cherish the awesomeness and hold courage when life is tough.

Always remember that the day always falls into the night and the night always breaks into the day.

We need to find the blessings and hold on to them, look for the tiny moments of joy, the happiness in little events, search for moments of smiles in that mundane routine. Breathe, believe and be thankful…..find pleasure in meaningless situations, be excited about nature, about that phone call, to meet someone, smile at a passing kid, say ‘thank you’ to someone who holds the door for you, hold the door for someone…..and know, this is life!

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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