Thought of Other’s Thought

Thought of Other’s Thought

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What they will think of me?

People will call me a loser!

How will they react?

My friends will laugh at me.

It will be a matter of fun for them.

And so on, there are n number of thoughts that bother us before doing something out of the box, trying something different or after failures. It’s not like that we all think this at the time of failures or at the time of being different but we also have these thoughts at the time of success for example when we are happy we exclaim that my parents will be happy and proud of me for my results or now he must have got it how good I’m at studies. These thoughts provide us some sort of pleasures. But we all are aware of that hoe badly its negative part affects us.

Before getting to corns let’s talk about how to deal with it and how to improve ourselves .we are always surrounded by many human beings (who all are not of the same kind) everyone is having different mental state and their way of thinking is different. now if we have come up with a decision how much chances are there that they may agree to it or they may not? 50-50 I guess they may think in the direction you have thought or may think differently. for example, if two people are standing facing each other and are asked to move towards right they will end up going exactly opposite to each other while both were correct in their respective cases. so it is not at all compulsory that if they are then you are wrong it just depends on person to person and their mental status. this is an all-time case every time you do something as per somebody you would be wrong or they will feel unsatisfied with you as they think in an entirely different manner as you do. But at the time your results turn towards your side they will start supporting you.

So it is just a matter of time. Now our overthinking also plays a very big role, many a time we are so concerned with other’s thoughts that we end up making a negative mindset. that now everyone must be laughing at me, now they will not talk to me whereas the reality is way different then what we thought of.

When we fail in any class and are supposed to repeat it, the very first thing that comes to our mind is that all my friends will make fun of me, they will laugh at me. We feel ashamed of sitting with our juniors in the same class, which indeed tends to be same for few days but after few days whats next we start getting new friends and we start having a great time with them. But what if we would have not repeated the class just for the shake of what others will say or how they will behave. We would have missed a great time with new friends and would have lagged with the lessons we were supposed to learn in that particular class but we failed to do in one year and talking of failure if we don’t repeat a class it does not mean people will end up calling us a looser but every next time our name comes up in front of them they will call us failure. But while repeating the same class we exceed with great marks and put in efforts to prove our worth instead of just hating people for calling us failure will make them respect us.

In the world where a race is going on one can not wait to give ears for what others are talking about them or calling them, like every time he or she does so they are getting distracted from their goal and are themselves increasing the chances of their competitor to win. Life is all about doing what will lead you towards your goal or will be good for society and human beings. so keep working and ignoring all negative vibes while taking positive out of them.


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