The True Meaning of Success

The True Meaning of Success

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The true meaning of Success

When someone says they are successful, the next thing we look out for is the kind of cars they drive, the kind of houses they live in and the kind of businesses they operate. In other to be able to qualify their degree of success, we try to quantify the level of their possession. We equate wealth with success, this is wrong thinking.

Success is abstract, it cannot be seen, it cannot be touched, it cannot be tasted, it cannot be smelt, it cannot be felt, it can only be perceived. So it will be wrong to tell how successful someone is by basing our judgment on physical tangible things like houses, cars, etc.

These physical things are not and should not be the determinant of success.

You cannot measure an abstract phenomenon using a physical device. You can measure rain using a rain gauge, you can measure wind using wind vane, you can measure sun using sun recorder, but you cannot measure an abstract component like success using any scientifically manufactured device. You cannot measure an abstract component like success using any man-made device.

Just as there is no device known to measure the degree of love a person have for another because if it existed( a love measuring tool/device) I bet we will all have it in our houses, love cannot be measured physically, it can only be expressed from within, so also success can only be measured or expressed from within using abstract measuring tools like integrity, morals, resilient, compassion, generosity,  creativity etc.

Cars, houses, and other possessions are only products and by-products of success and not success in itself. Don’t mistake wealth for success.

A person can be wealthy but not successful. Mind you, not all success yield immediate results. Some take years to accumulate and may bring out products years after the person is long dead and gone but be rest assured that the product will spring forth in the person’s generation.

Success always outlives the originator but wealth and riches may not.

Success is not physical wealth, it is abstract potential wealth. Success is not how rich you are, it is how rich your integrity is, it is how rich your morals are, it is how rich your creativity is, it is how vastly eminent you are in your resilient.

Success is an outburst of overflowing dynamism encapsulated in uniqueness.

Success is like a button of integrity sown onto a shirt of perseverance.

If success is judged by physical possessions like cars, houses, etc. then people like Mohammed maghandi of India, mother Theresa of Avilla, Mary Slessor, William Wilberforce, etc. would be known around the world as very highly unsuccessful people and universal symbols and figures of failure because they never owned a car or a house, but you know their story better than I do.

I leave you with these words

Success has no owner, it is available to all

To me  success is the ability to impact meaningfully to humanity.

Isu Nathaniel

I am an compere, comedian, speaker, author, educationist, psychologist, I am very creative, dimple and empirical about life.

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