Those Meant to Save Us are the Ones Exploiting

Those Meant to Save Us are the Ones Exploiting

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A few days back, in the morning when I reached my college, there were some policemen standing inside the premises.

I got curious and asked him why are you people here ? Is the next attack gonna be taking place in Jamia Hamdard? Because whenever we see police, the attacks follow.

He said, “No no! In fact we were just prattling about Jamia Hamdard, that the students and the professors are so nice here! It is the only university which is calm and not reacting.”

I was not stunned because this is what we can anticipate about the policemen these days.

But yet, I told him that we are not so great, because at that point of time we should’ve stood up, raised our voices and fought for what is right.

Those students and universities are not maniacs. Despite the life threatening menace, they are wrestling for their, as well our rights. They are opposing the despotism, the autocracy and we should stand with them, instead of talking rubbish at their back.

That moment I did not at all feel proud about my University but I felt a kind of a regret and pity on ourselves.

Yasmeen Parveen

Hey this is Yasmeen, and I love to express my views and emotions through writing. I believe in the power of education and pen. So let's just begin ! God bless us all. Ameen !

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  1. “It is the duty of the youth to challenge corruption”- Kurt Cobain.

    We collectively have stood against fascist leaders since the beginning of time, and will continue to do so.

  2. the whole india is standing with you… don’t worry… these days also gonna pass… this is transient and nobody has the right to snatch the true spirit of our vibrant Democracy

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