The Rape of Darkness

The Rape of Darkness

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Religious superstition is another tool of cruelty

"Churral Murial" is another sign of how horrible and disgusting the traditional religion-religion-ritual can be.
A tradition that has been around for ages in the Chattikulangara Temple in Kewal, Kerala.
The Kumbavarani festival was held in the temple by March. As part of the festival, the Chural Murial tradition has been going on for the last 20 years. In Kerala, South India, people have a terrible religious tradition of sacrifice.

The Kerala State Commission for Protection of Children declared the practice banned in the 21st. The case was started in the High Court. In that case, the Kerala High Court had banned the practice in February last year. However, in reality he is not coming to the rules of 'ultra-religious' people! Churral Murial is going to be celebrated again at Chettikulangara Temple in Kerala for the adorable visit of Chhottikulangara Temple today.

According to this ritual, children under the age of 5 are sacrificed to the Lord of the temple. Their bodies are injected with gold thread in it. The gods are satisfied with the blood of these children! Blessings or blessings on the families who worship this tradition! And here's another terrible twist. Wealthy families usually do this. And they never give in to their own son for this custom. Rather, they bought their children from poor families for fifty thousand to one hundred thousand rupees! Some Kerala companies are trying to prevent the ban from being resumed.
Let us also protest against this barbarism and savagery.

Nayeem Zaki

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