The Message: A story of trust and despair

The Message: A story of trust and despair

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“Sara, I’ve got this job in California. I need to join exactly after 7 days”, said George reading the
mail infront of him.
After years of waiting, finally the moment came. Shortage of funds had made them helpless and
any job in any part of the world, would be enough for their sustenance.
“Oh, that’s great, but I can’t move along because of my job here”, said Sara in a mixed state of
joy and sadness.
“We’ll be connected through calls and chat, right now what we need is money.” consoled George
seeing the tensed face of Sara and kissed her forehead and 7 days after, George flew to California
from Texas.
Time flew and his job went perfectly well. He got promotions, new friends and companions and
a newly found richness. Sometimes, old memories fade away with the new.
Once, while in the office, a message suddenly popped in Sara’s phone, “I wish you were her.”-
George. She got goosebumps and felt that her life is ruined. Sara was sure, that distance had
swallowed up her marriage.
She sent the divorce papers to him. He tried to contact her many times but she never picked up.
After years of this happening, one day through his friend, Sara came to know the truth of the
message. It was mistakenly written as, “I wish you were her” instead of, “I wish you were here.”
George had died in an accident and she was left in despair.

Amisha Bansal

Hello everyone! I'm a law student from University of Rajasthan and I've a passion for writing. I love to flaunt my pen, and I hope you will like my work!

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