The Journey

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There is a sadness, in happiness.

Can you feel the tears as the heart grips with joy?

There is pain in the moments of victory.

Heartbreak, when the heart mends.

The warmth of a hug, makes the heart skip a beat.

The soul rejoices but yearns.

The emotional wave gushes through the body,

Confused and misguided.

Will happiness always be sombre?

Will smiles always have a cost?

Have you seen how the winds are blessed for some;

Yet a torment for others?

How rain would flourish some;

Yet drown many?

Thus, the heart is connected to the soul,

Confusing the mind, with emotions.

The inner content will strengthen with droplets of tears,

The heart will find courage with pain.

And happiness, will continue its sad journey.

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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