The Final Battle

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     The smoke released from the cigarette of the only person standing in the alley matched with the environment there. Fog was all over the capturing the essence of a perfect feel of an early Winter Morning. The clock at the Town Central struck 5 AM as the clouds were acting blanket to the Sun protecting him from the condensed weather while most of the people comfortably tucked to rest. A slow sound originated as 2 men walked down the lane presumably doing what they had to so that people are subjected to “Proper Sanitation”. They released a substance from a weird looking Mechanical Device which again had close resemblance to the environment.


      The palette of the atmosphere was now very clear with fog on one hand and the substance released by those 2 men on the other. Winter like always isn’t quite favorable to men from the age of Game of Thrones but is very biased towards Mosquitoes as most of their effect and maximum interest lies in that period. Now people of that area , yes are quite rich and influential so well the issue of lack of Proper Sanitation which was quite a big problem at town during that season had to be dealt with quite fast.


      “Chief , we only have about an hour before the attack starts.” told Pi. “Alright ,look I know we have very less time and what we are about to do is quite risky and could be uneventful. Now what I want you to do is gather all the groups that are presiding under our support and favor in less than 30 minutes. Considering the situations outside and time it could be hard, but if they want to continue living the way they are now they have to come no matter what.” replied an angry Chief. “Yes sir. But don’t you think that we are not going against a strong opponent for a lot of manpower?” asked Pi . “We had negotiations earlier but none worked out. Whatever Private and his followers are going against is something which our entire tribe will fall out for. We cannot sacrifice generations to do something which hasn’t been favorable or which is worth the fight we’re in.” replied Chief.


      “Sir, do you think we can sustain in the battle?” asked Clip who was a main member in Private’s army. “Well I’ve done what I had to do which is definitely what I felt was right. Favorism in our tribe went way too far and I do not regret doing what happened. War isn’t the only solution for what’s happening. Negotiations are failing, compromises are collapsing, meetings are melting and knowledge is becoming the knife between 2 people. I did ask Chief though to have a peaceful meeting to sort stuff out but who knows what’s running on his mind.” replied Private.


      “But there’s a problem Private. We might be outnumbered today and that “Might” may just turn out to be “Are” once we’re on the battlefield. And…” as Clip was about to continue speaking, his eyes caught a sight which seemed surprising at that instant. “You wouldn’t believe to see someone behind you.” Told Clip as Private saw Chief approaching them.


      “So long was so wrong eh mate. And now we’re into war with both of us tending to lose soldiers today. Can’t we just make this a little peaceful and sort things out?” spoke Private as he and Chief were having a secluded conversation. “Oh come on ,we wouldn’t be having this conversation or the war hadn’t it been for your rebellious act Private. Things were good man, and they could’ve been better hadn’t you come and spoil everyone’s party. And now you talk peace, The Same You who killed our Leader, Sir Skull. You do not and can never have the reason to negotiate nor talk about peace Private.” replied an angry Chief. The weather was becoming even cooler as their conversation was heating up to an argument. 


      “Look Skull’s death was only planned so that we would achieve what we never had, Silence and Symphony well atleast for a while. Being his soldiers all our lives while he played with the lives of innocents and ours simultaneously, and we don’t get a chance to speak out. That was never fair Chief. I accept that you were his favorite and you looked up to him like a father, but you never saw his plans to fire back on all of us someday maybe when he’s done with us. Like those people he has killed, who were rich and powerful, don’t you think it would be a humungous thing to kill soldiers like us. That’s why I rebelled against him which made me kill him. Now look at me, am I not living without my leader. In fact now I myself became a Leader. Power is Prestige and only right people like me have the prime moves to make it productive.” Replied Private.  “Well you are definitely wrong my friend and I will happily prove you wrong once we meet at the battlefield. Looking at the pollution and the smoke shitting with your senses, lets just hope you don’t die like Skull by a traitor instead you die in the hands of a soldier.” Told Chief as he distanced himself from Private like the Clouds from the Sun.


      As the 2 parties made their way to the Arena, a question aroused in everyone’s mind. Who were they actually fighting against, was it a war with the weather or was it with themselves? There wasn’t a requirement of a Lord Krishna to blow the Conch to indicate that the war has begun because it had started minutes ago when the 2 leaders initiated with their war of words. A comparatively less numbered army of Private was giving a tough fight to the more powerful and stronger Chief’s army mainly because of the Front Line Strategies developed by Private. 


      An intense start went on as both the armies were giving tough fights to their opponents. The ratio of alive/well conditioned soldiers was 2 to 1 in favor of Chief’s army but the dead/injured ratio was 1 to 2 in favor of Privarte’s army. Everything be it good or bad, living or non living has an end ultimately and so did the army of Private meet its end. With almost no soldier left in a stable condition to fight, Private went up to Chief and charged him having the upper hand in the beginning. As they both were involved in a fight with the 2 edging over the other, Private suddenly felt a swift motion behind him. Before he could see what happened , Clip struck him hard leaving Private shocked as well relate to something he has done in the past. In that moment of shock, one of Private’s arm fell on the ground slowly escorted by the fog. As his dimly visible mosquito eyes shut and opened , Chief and Clip were now flapping their wings hard attacking Private. Private sensed the flag of losing as he had no hope on living and with his army collapsed on the cold footpath, Winter had come. Chief and Clip charged towards Private only to sense a weird vibration in the air. There were 2 men in weird suits and masks carrying a strange machine releasing a misty kind of gas which was very much in close resemblance to the environment of the battlefield……..



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