The failure of JEE- a perspective.

The failure of JEE- a perspective.

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JEE- a very common term among science students who choose PCM for their 10+2.
It’s a very well known fact that every year millions of students from the entire nation appear for this coveted engineering entrance exam, and out of these millions of students, only close to around 10,000 (0.001%) clear the entrance exam and get admission into the top-tier engineering colleges.

However, I’m not going to talk about the success stories; but focus on those >9,90,000 students who appeared for the exam and failed in their attempt.

Let’s divide this consensus into three categories-

a)Out of these >9,90,000 failed students, the majority belongs to the rat race, who are just appearing for the exam out of peer pressure. Most of them are like ‘Bhai tu de raha hai JEE? Chal mai bhi de deta hu! (Bro, are you appearing for this year’s JEE exam? Alright, I’ll appear too)’. They only exist to fill the pockets of the coaching centers, and the exam conductors,

b) Secondly, there are a few students who prepare very hard for the exam, work their asses off, give their nights and days for the exam and literally do everything they can for that one day- the Judgement Day- but as soon they arrive at their examination center, God knows what happens to them right before entering into the examination hall. Do they get possessed by some evil spirit or what- they begin to lose their cool, become anxious, and fumble all the information and formulas which they’ve stacked into their brain, and by the time they get the question paper, it’s game over for them.

c) Out of these, there are a handful of students who are very well prepared and have the required knowledge to get through the entrance exam, who don’t lose their cool or become anxious. They do a fantastic job during the exam, but on the result day, they are considered a loser, as they were just a few marks shy of beating the cut-off.

While it’s in human nature to be fond of success, none of us want to face failure and rejection. Parents make such big promises to their JEE-aspirant child, that they will buy them the latest iPhone or some high priced bike or so, if they get into a public engineering college; but what about those who fail in the exam?
When we celebrate success, why don’t we celebrate failure too? Is it a crime? Not that I know of. Then why, we, as parents don’t gift an iPhone or whatever bike we promised to the young adult, on their failure too? Why can’t we appreciate the effort the aspirant put into the exam, despite failure?

If you are a parent and reading this article, then it is my humble request for you to try and ask this question from your own self. And, God forbid, if your child fails in the exam and take any rash decision in  heat of the moment, in that dire situation, what would you prefer-

(a) a top notch govt. engineering college for your child, (b) a healthy and happy child- no matter what the result is?

And with these words, my pen comes to halt.

Comments are open for your answer as I’m curious to know your response as a parent.

Rishab Jain

All articles are from a personal perspective. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.

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  1. This post really touched me, I’m not even kidding, while reading this I felt like this story is about me. Greatly written!

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