The Day She Lost her Superpowers.

The Day She Lost her Superpowers.

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This is her story; a story based on truth and fiction, based on reality and fantasy. It is true for some and seems rather fake to many…questionable yet so accurate. It’s a psychological story for those who believe.

How many of us come back to our real lives after tragedy’s have struck, after celebration have been enjoyed or after self-assessing ourselves. After giving birth or after traveling, it could have been just nothing; a phase, maybe a sickness. It could have been a period of extreme joy.

But she returned, as she had to…that is where she ever wanted to be; her destiny, her reality.

She returned after days; she had counted them many times. She had wished and prayed that this wait would end. She needed to be back where she belonged.

But what could they have done? Being without her they had to take over, had to do the tasks, mend the ways, become strong, strengthen the bond. She did not complain because all that was needed in such a situation. While she was away.

And days started passing and she had no hold, no sense of where she was…it wasn’t strange, it wasn’t uncomfortable; it was just extremely odd. She held on to everything in her mind and heart. She wanted to be part of everything but she felt her need was less and her achievements in life were merely daily chores.

Whatever she used to do or had control over, was already being done. And done with extreme ease and sort of going unnoticed. Everything went on like clockwork. She felt all the worries she had when she was away were meaningless. She wasn’t being unthankful. She just now felt that she wasn’t needed; even though no one had said so. They showed joy, happiness, and tears on her return but she felt incomplete.

The petty things she fussed about, the joy of little new things, the creativity, the inspirations that she had…became random acts of a routine.

And she gulped and she took a deep breath and realised that she had lost her superpowers!

raheela Ishtiaq

The key to life is humour but the realities are real and need to be addressed time and again.

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