StopDown to StartUp

StopDown to StartUp

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Why so many startup companies are emerging all over the world and what is causing all these youngsters to take risks and start their own business. No matter how small or big but they are eager to start something on their own. Even a small tea shop or a bakery business will do but they are scared of working in corporate jobs. Reason- The mediocre thought process of outdated system. I see 3 BIG reasons for this startup wave-

1) Education system was failing to give the knowledge to the students what industry was consistently demanding. Huge disconnect. No college taught how to do the StartUp but still it succeeded. Huge number of Drop Outs doing startups is the clear indication of this GAP.

2) Service based companies failed to create continuous value system for their customer. They failed to focus on what customers and world is looking for, all they focused was on BILLING.

3) The blood sucking manager and management of the last decade gave nothing except the bureaucracy mindset. (You can ignore if you were not a blood sucking guy for your team). All they believed was to push their teams to do what they said and this created a lot of disturbance in talented minds. The maximum output of a team was rightly proportional to the maximum thinking management had, and this ignored the hidden talent within their own companies until it became a competition for them.

A huge StopDown culture ignited the StartUp culture.

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  1. Startups are the only way forward, I believe. It is a pity we have such a poor startup ecosystem in our country, which again is a result of poor education system and preconceived notions about careers.

    An insightful read.

  2. Sometimes it’s hard to carry all the burdens like having a society who are always ready to judge and are backbiter. Parents disapproval (in many cases). There are n numbers of harrassing situation in the journey of startup. Startup is not just a brilliant idea, it’s about rubbing your ass so many time to achieve success.

  3. If we truly want to leverage our economy to $5 trillion, then first we have to leverage the startup ecosystem of India
    Looking forward for your next article

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