Sometimes loneliness hurts the most..

Sometimes loneliness hurts the most..

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Why we always need someone in our life.. it’s a big question. But it is the need for human to have some friends in their life to whom they can share every shit of there life. we want a true friend.we get lots of friends on social media but in reality we are alone. We are not as happy soul as we are in our childhood.

But that moment never comes. In this time everybody is selfish. Even though I am also. Anyone agree or not but it’s true.sometimes it happen that we make friends that are not good for us. And the fact is that we know about it but we don’t want to accept it, that’s called bad company. In this society everybody wants to speak but no one wants to listen.

Sometimes we feel lonely and in that time we take wring steps.our problem is that we force that people to be the part of our life. We become crazy for them even knowing that they don’t want to be yours even we expect the same treatment as we treat them.but why? We all are different every body has their choices. Lekin kehte h is Dil ka Kya Kare..

Our mind know it is wrong but our heart always has a hope that one day it may be possible.. postive thinking is good but over positive is always bad. I know introvert person is always happy with themselves. But as a human we always want a good partner in our life who can understand it. Tolerate our shit of things.

And in my opinion no one is happy with themselves they also want a true friend.. but whenever we feel lonely do not stick to one person. Interaction is very important.

Love yourself is best but make sure that humanity is always greatest. Never keep your thoughts in your heart because it make you devil.

Bharti Kumari

I only suggest my opinion don't care about what other think and I thought this is the best platform which give me a chance to share my feeling here..😊😊

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