Society is No More a Hindrance for a New Life

Society is No More a Hindrance for a New Life

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It happened exactly three years before.

Even Mrunalini wouldn’t have thought that she might fall in love with a guy who is eight years younger to her, after a decade of her married life.

Many questions aroused in her mind whether this is a right feeling, though she is not that finicky about anything in her present life. She realised too early that she is not going to have a successful married life, and it made her take a step forward to approach her parents and explain to them about the hard time she has been facing.

Her parents, being from a middle-class family, thinking of the society, could not take any decision further and remained silent. Even though she knew her partner is not the soul mate for whom she has been longing for since childhood, she was trying to make the present life successful, as she did not receive enough moral support from her parents.

There were a number of times that she consoled herself from not having expectations towards a new life with her soul mate, whom she fell in love without her knowledge.

Even Chaitanya, the guy whom she was looking at, does not know that Mrunalini is looking at him. Keeping her societal thoughts in mind, Mrunalini continued living her present life. Every day she travels to and fro a very long distance between her home and office, and by the time she reaches home, she would not have had any kind of support from her partner, Ravi.

A few weeks later, Chaitanya was appearing to Mrunalini very frequently, which instilled her love feeling towards him, and slowly, she started gaining his attention. Days passed and within few months, Mrunalini completely fell in love with Chaitanya without knowing about him. Both of them travel in the metro every day, and that’s where she saw him for the first time and fell for him. Not even a single day that she skipped seeing Chaitanya.

The same thing kept happening every day and finally, one day, Mrunalini decides to talk to her soul mate and smiles at him when he looks at her. In return, he also smiles back at her and they both exchange their phone numbers. Mrunalini, in a happy mood, dreams of many things to share with Chaitanya and waits for his call, but she did not expect such a disappointment with his soul mate.

…to be continued further.

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