Should You Attend Startup Events- From a Personal Perspective

Should You Attend Startup Events- From a Personal Perspective

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The startup ecosystem is on boom, and it is a golden era to start a new venture. There are tons of solutions an entrepreneur can get help from- incubators, accelerators, investors, startup events, etc.

It was in August 2019 when I got a mail regarding a startup event Pitch-a-Thon.

The event was inviting early-stage startups to pitch in front of an investor panel, then they would pick three winning startups and they’ll get x winning amount according to their position along with some amazing perks.

The event was divided into two parts:

The first part was a panel discussion- kind of an open discussion where anyone could ask their questions to the investors, related to anything about investment, startups, entrepreneurship etc. It was followed by a 30-minutes tea break which was a great opportunity for networking.

The second part was the highlight of the day, comprising the pitching event. Various startups pitched themselves in front of a panel comprising of five investors. They were evaluating startups based on their concept, their early traction, their team among others.

Let’s come to the conclusion about whether you should or should not attend startup events:


  1. Events are great for networking.
  2. You can connect with fellow entrepreneurs and make some good friends there having the same thought level.
  3. You can get your potential customers.


  1. Time consuming.
  2. Irrelevant panel discussion.
  3. You’ll burn some good bucks on commuting.

After going through the pros and cons, you can decide for yourself  on whether you should go for such an event or not. A lot of such events happen regularly almost everywhere, and I’m not saying that all startup events are the same; some are really good like ‘Tech Sparks’ organized by YourStory is a premium startup event held in Bangalore every year. I want to attend that event as well.

Let me know in the comments section about your experience of attending a startup event and one person you met there.

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