Sapphire: September’s Finest Gem

Sapphire: September’s Finest Gem

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Sapphire is the priceless gem of people who were born in September. Sapphires are its Greek etymology, meaning blue. Based on the astrological phenomenon, it has been closely associated with Saturn. Since 800 BC, it was dubbed as a dear stone for millions of gem enthusiasts across the globe. Ancient Persian leaders believed that the sky got its blue color because of this amazing and mighty gem. Furthermore, other religions asserted that sapphires denote to the high heavens. It is in the same way termed as the Apocalypse stone. Although there are no concrete proofs, many believed that the sacred stone of the Ten Commandments is made of these dazzling gems.

The ancient people specifically kings cannot survive without a Sapphire around their neck to keep them away from impending danger. This incredible gem protects a wearer against envious forces. The Star Sapphires are excellent warriors against witchcraft according to the beliefs of Cingalese. Sir Richard Burton was an avid advocate of this intuitive gem because it provided him with the best horses wherever he was.

New York’s Museum of Natural History is the powerhouse of a famous Sapphire in the world. It is widely recognized as India’s gem with the same name. In this respect, this ravishing September gem means chastity, wisdom perception and the understanding of human justice. It fosters peace of mind and the innocence of our cognition. Hopeless romantics must wear this to increase their burning passion for that indescribable emotion. Hence, to preserve pure, clear thoughts and intentions wearing this divine stone is a MUST. During the Middle Ages, sapphires were worn to preempt negative thoughts. For Persians, this is a potent cure for all ailments.

Ivan the Terrible of Russia had scientifically proven that a glamorous Sapphire strengthens the heart and its muscles to develop bravery within a person. It allegedly kills a snake when it’s tattooed on one’s skin. Unbelievably, this gem will help you understand difficult oracles. It will open your psyche towards astral journeys and the Universe. Paranormal experts have revealed that this gem allows you to communicate with God’s angels. Moreover, it focuses on karmic elements to imbibe spiritual growth. This gem soothes your brain cells to promote calmness and stability. Sapphires enhance your mental concentration and effectively cures nosebleed.

An authentic and captivating Sapphire jewelry knows no limits when it comes to its profound aesthetics and holistic benefits. So, it is something to brag about regardless of the occasion and its equally beautiful craftsmanship.

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