Robin Hood Army- Doing Humanity’s Work

Robin Hood Army- Doing Humanity’s Work

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I have been a part of the Robin Hood Army for over 2 months now.

The Robin Hood Army is a volunteer based, zero-funds organization that works to get surplus food from restaurants and the community to serve less fortunate people.

It was my friend who introduced me to this organization, that has vowed to end hunger paying no heed to religion, caste, money, politics or any other divisional factors, for it is the hunger that takes the higher seat- uniting us all.

The community is run by volunteers, who are mostly students and young professionals, and restaurants that have tied up with the RHA to give the surplus food to the less fortunate sections of the society.

RHA was started in 2014, with a vision to help humanity fight global hunger, and as of now, 9,259,380 people have been served in 103 cities in over 6 countries, with 0 money raised. 

I have attended around 7 weekly drives with them, and the experience has been of pure bliss- the feeling of seeing someone happy makes one happy. The members are ever so friendly, and there are no differences when we are serving food.

RHA also organises educational classes for children at various locations and as well celebrates the festivities with children in blind houses, shelter homes, orphanages etc.

You can join the Robin Hood Army by signing up from their website, and join either as a volunteer or a food partner.





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