Rising with ego?

Rising with ego?

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Most of the people think that they have to crush others in order to rise, but it doesn’t have to be this way. We were created to live, love, rise, shine, and prosper. There’s not only one path to success. If you think that success can only be achieved by crushing other people, dragging them down? then you might have to mend your definition of success.

There’s one easy way to peace and success which I myself have applied to my life and that is.

‘To give what you don’t have’

Well, you might wonder that how can I give something which I don’t even have?

If you ponder, it applies to various aspects of our life.

If you want happiness, give happiness.

If you want peace, give peace.

If you want money, give money.

If you want to rise, raise the fallen!


Ahmed Sajid

A deep thinker... writing to rise by raising the fallen.

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