Review: The Witcher

Review: The Witcher

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There is a level of accuracy on display in The Witcher (Netflix) that is just,Wow. The amount of faithfulness that Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has put into this program is beyond a doubt, breathless.

When Henry Cavill was cast as Geralt of Rivia, I was initially skeptical. Thinking to myself, “There’s no way….Superman?!”. Wasn’t expecting that Sup’s (Henry Cavill) can play the character of Geralt of Rivia. As it were. I can now safely say, that my skepticism, despite healthy, was entirely washed away. Mr. Cavill has done an absolutely amazing job portraying the character of Geralt. He even does his absolute best to sound like Doug Cockle, (The voice of Geralt of Rivia in the video games) Apart from that, he nailed the attitude, disposition, and body language of our famous monster hunter. It’s very obvious that Cavill is not just some Actor being paid to portray a role here. He is thoroughly enjoying himself and living in the soles of our hero.

The supporting actors have been just as impressive. It’s as if everyone here is living and breathing their roles. They are immersed in the fantasy and they all show it. Their portrayals of their characters, are done with near perfection and show that they want to be here. They want do make this series and make it the absolute best that it can be. No one is here just collecting a paycheck. And I’m so very grateful and pleased by the result.

As a fan of the video games, having played through and beaten all 3 of them and their respective expansions. Sadly, I have yet to read the books. I see a lot of similarities and nods to the games. Lauren Schmidt HIssrich and the rest of her production staff really did their homework and took as much material from the books(They have stated many times the show is more heavily based off the books) and games to help create and sculpt the world and characters for this show. It’s magical and beautiful

Alas, it is still early in the shows life. With a first season of only 8 episodes, our glimpse into the world of the Witcher is a brief one. With the show having already been renewed for a 2nd second. I can only hope the stories and world grow and become ever more complex and compelling. As with mosty shows aired in recent years, I feel that the Witcher plays a bit safe, with the typical and the expected. But the execution is masterful. That is all I can really say.

This little write-up may seem a bit heavy handed, but I wanted to emphasize something here that you may not see elsewhere. The Witcher screams of quality. It shows more as a labor of love than a production of necessity. The folks who stand behind this show as it’s creators, as it’s conductors, Have done an amazing job, and I feel they deserve the acknowledgement more than anything. This show will eventually stand on it’s own 2 feet, no longer being compared to the likes of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones (To which it has and is already being heavily compared to).

The Witcher is neither of those things, and it does not try to be in any way. It is very much it’s own universe. it’s own design, it’s own fantasy. And the folks behind the Netflix program, have done their utmost to convey that. To show us the dark and gritty worlds of Temeria, Nilfaard, Cintra and otherwise.

I have high hopes. I think the Witcher will set the bar for future adaptations. As it follows in the footsteps of not only a successful book series, but also a highly successful video game series. And thus, it has very large shoes to fill.

So far… it’s doing just great!

Rating: 8.5/10

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