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Being sad is a very negative emotion that drains out all of our potential energy. We cannot remain sad continuously for a long time. That is simply not possible. Our mind is designed to act as an auto-corrector of our body. It transforms our negative emotions into positive ones either by diverting our attention, or by wondering what the solution of our sadness might be. If we fail to transform, we can most likely enter the phase of depression and anxiety.

Our sadness might be due to loosing some loved one in life, failure, a hard trial that befell us, being exploited or wronged, and regret. There could be many more but I find ‘regret’ the worst. No matter how unpleasant life has been, if we have oppressed someone, we would never be able to find peace. Even if we don’t regret or realize our mistake, that injustice will surround our freedom of mind. Our peace will be destroyed forever. That emptiness of our loved one will be replaced, the failure will guide and redirect to more success, that hard trail will prove to be a blessing afterwards, being wronged will only make us strong and the other weak, but regret… it will never give our satisfaction back to us. Eventually turning into depression and suicidal thoughts.

Now, let’s talk about the remedy. No, actually the precautions. And it lies in our actions. Just try to be humble around and don’t indulge in someone else’s life. Try to focus on your achievements instead of envying others and harming them. Strive hard for achievement and leave the rest to God. Forget it and move forward. Believe that if something is written for you, it will eventually be yours no matter how hard it seems and if something is not meant for, let it go. Don’t run after it making yourself a slave. If you plan on taking revenge, think again. Think about the aftermath. Will it satisfy your soul? Or bring more destruction to the peace of mind? If you still plan on revenge, make it bearable and not a life threatening game. Life is the most precious gift, let’s give everyone a chance to make an apology. What if that person intends to apologize meanwhile you plot your revenge? Another way to regret? Moreover, if you have hurt someone, start making things easier between you two. Approach them and say sorry. Don’t let your shame hold you back. They might be waiting for your good arrival. Our tongues make most of the sins and regrets in life. Try and train our reflex action to that of forgiveness by remaining silent as a reply because our anger swishes away in a matter of second (the second we make our reflex in) and leaves such a huge dent which results in regret.

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