Reasons Why People Fail At Marketing

Reasons Why People Fail At Marketing

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Today I’m enlightening some reasons behind the failure of a marketer. 95 out of 100 people get failed in a marketing business. Why ?

So here are some common mistakes :

  • People fail because of their inconsistent actions: Firstly when they start as a marketer they got over excited because of all the privileges and earnings they could achieve and after sometime they get slow and then get back to their comfort zone.
  • High Expectations : People fail because of their unreal and idealistic expectations. At early stage they start expecting huge income & achievements.
  • Sponosring non- serious People: Some marketers waste a lot of time working with non – serious people. Their working become un fruitful due to weak team members and they get distracted from their goals.
  • ┬áSome people fail because they don’t develop their skills. Self development is really very important to get successful as a marketer. They don’t involved in events & meetings which is a key to polish their skills.
  • Sometime marketers fail because they take their opportunity for granted due to zero investment & low risk.
  • A lot of people failed due to their unclear vision & complicated mind. If your direction is not clear, how could you expect that you will reach to your destination.
  • Some of them don’t set their goals and then they don’t have a clear plan of action to achieve their goals.

Some of the marketers blame outside factors for their failure. They don’t accept the fact that success and failure depends on their actions.


So these are the common reasons why people fail as a marketer.

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