Ralph Lauren – A Fashion Icon In The US

Ralph Lauren – A Fashion Icon In The US

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Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American corporation that produces mid-range to luxury fashion products. Ralph Lauren Corporation is an American public trading company that was established by American fashion designer Ralph Lauren in 1967. The corporation deals in marketing, producing, and clothing of items in four different categories like Apparel, Home, Accessories, and Fragrances.

American fashion designer Ralph Lauren established Ralph Lauren Corporation in 1967. Ralph is best known for his fashion designing works, but he also has an interest in luxury cars, and some of his automobiles are displayed in different museums. Ralph is the 91st richest person in America.

After serving his established multi-billion corporation for years, he stepped down as the CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation in 2015, but he remains the Chief Creative Officer. Currently, Patrice Louvet is the President and CEO of Ralph Lauren Corporation.

Although Ralph Lauren Corporation deals with different types of products for all age groups and genders, after observing the products, website, and items of the corporation, it can be concluded that Ralph Lauren Corporation is working on a decent theme. Their products, logos, designs, the color combinations of the website are generous and posses a little old school, vintage touch making the product unique and eye-catching.
After observing the life of Ralph Lauren, I have personally found Ralph Lauren, a very hardworking person like every other successful person in history. Ralph started his career from the US Army. He served the US Army for a couple of years and then joined Brooks Brothers as a sales assistant.
His tenure in Brooks Brothers was very limited, and afterward, he worked as a salesman in a tie company. In 1967, Ralph Lauren Corporation began working as a tie company in the shadow of Ralphs’ previous experience.

When Ralph was 28 years old, while working for the tie manufacturer Beau Brummell, he agreed with Beaue, the company’s president, to let him start his line.

Ralph is the person responsible who named men’s wear Polo for the first time. He introduced new ideas in fashion designing and became the first designer to launch fragrances in the US. Ralph Lauren Corporation is now a massive success worldwide with a share price of US$123.48 and a net worth of US$7.2 billion.


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