Power – Does it come with a price?

Power – Does it come with a price?

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They say or so I’ve heard that all officers are gentlemen. I beg to differ. My experience is about the uncouth behavior of an Army Major.

My story in a gist: I am part of the building welfare committee along with a few residents. The aim is to run the expenses of the building smoothly so that we are unaffected from basic life’s requirements, Water and generator mostly. To introduce you to my lovely neighbors; We have families from afar. Places like Berhampur, Siripalli-East Godavari, Uttrakhand to name a few. We are of one accord.

However, one resident is not. He is irate. He is from the armed forces, the Indian Army. He is unhappy with us volunteers as a decision was taken to revoke services due to non-payment of maintenance. Makes sense. Right? We are paying maintenance so that we can pay up the maids, security services, etc. Do take note that they continue to use water and generator as we did not want to revoke the basics.

He, titled Major, decided one fine day, to do something ungentlemanly. He discarded garbage, neatly tied, in front of my door! I was dumbfounded. His uncivil misdemeanor affected me and a few other residents.  In my opinion, this reaction is something unheard of for any society. And for it to happen from an individual who is from the military, the proud Indian Army, serving in the Western Command, I was really bewildered. And I was not alone. The residents were disgruntled. However, his argument, and thinks rightly, so is that he will pay only if the volunteer’s group is registered with the panchayat and that an account is opened where funds can be deposited. We did start the procedure, however, because of legal issues, the plan was unsuccessful. And he is fully aware.

We have taken this further. But I will leave you with your thoughts. Tell me, in your opinion, what happens next?

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