Political and Societal Musings
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Political and Societal Musings

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I was in the market when I heard the news of masked goons entering one of India’s premier universities. It was like another strike to the hot iron, when the nation is already protesting against the CAA, and the world might be heading towards a war, with most being oblivious to the Australian fires that have killed over half a billion animals, and never minding the daily ramblings of wrongs happening all over the globe.

I have read time and again that it is the hard times that breed strong men and women that bring the good times back. I also have read of the millions of revolutions and revolutionaries who shaped the world we live in today, rooting out social evils.

Amidst of these readings, it is the consciousness that grows to become greatly aware of the wrongs happening in present day.

And it is again amidst of these realizations that one finds his happiness taking the backseat.

It is easy to find yourself getting drifted in the waves of political ocean, but what lies on the ocean bed is the society that gives birth to any political system. It is only when the wrong is overlooked that it gains power, and when the masses becomes oblivious to the wrong, the wrong becomes the way of the society, and in return the political system.

But what when all of us are born in a world so deeply entrenched in evil and wrongdoings, that we must survive in it, given the imperceptible and glue-footed speed at which major changes take place?

It is now when the question comes into picture that up to what extent is it right in our individual capacity to let these realizations and frustrations impact us personally- the place we truly live in, and affect our happiness. On the other hand, is ignorance truly bliss or just a facade that allows the evil to grow within our society?

While they do control every part of our lives, what they can never seem to control is the freedom of our minds. Till there is a single mind that is free, there is hope for humanity to shift-change its path to that of prosperity and happiness.

Despite having primal instincts to fight, divide, and be violent, we have the power of reason- and we must use this power to reason out the negative, for there is no change at a mass level without individual participation.

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  1. This resonates with me. The evil is only an outcome of the society as a whole, and it is only through individual choices that we can fix it.

    Insightful thoughts

  2. I’m going to point out the reason behind this without any hesitation. BJP(current ruling party of India) is all responsible for the ruckus in India.
    BJP is like “Speed God” -doing so many things in such a small span of time like:
    1. GST
    2. Demonetization
    3. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code
    4. Banking Reforms
    5. Petrol price
    6. Balakot airstrike
    7. Article 370
    8. Section 377
    And so on…
    But what if we talk about:
    1. Increase in petrol price
    2. Increase in grocery price
    3. Decrease in GDP
    4. Unemployment
    5. Farmer crisis
    6. Spent over 5000 crores in travelling for about 80 countries in world.
    7. Rafale scam
    8. Seeking for about 3.6 lakh crores from RBI( As we all know if the money supply will increase in the market it will lead to severe inflation, our economy will colapse).
    9. Creating havoc by applying CAB, NRC.
    10. Privatisation of government sector- major example is seeking to privatize Indian railways( As we all know that almost $49 billion of revenue is collected from Indian railways in a fiscal year, it’ll surely leads to an impact on economy of India and also for the candidates who studied hard to get a job in this sector).
    This is needed to be changed.

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