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Have you always regretted not to be like others?
It seems to be a honeydew
Making it a Hades underworld
Because hell is other people
Why you can’t smile just like others
To be others is dependent on them
That feeling absurdity always visits you
Ask you, why you are not like others
A feeling of strangeness makes you down
Leads you to underground
Making the situation even more pathetic
And stuck you in a state of Kamaloka
You become grounded by the thoughts of your mind
And make a hell of yourself
Smile; it been a long decade
You have not roamed around me

Alas! Waiting for the luck is an illusion
Welcoming your thoughts imprison you
A chance, a backbone is always needed
Best are those who do not think
Go with the flow has always remained a quote
Quote unquote not to go with the flow

Is it a sin to be strange?
Is it a crime to think?
Secure unsecured devastate all

Well, we imprison ourselves
Wondering for peace; that is something the world needs
A message to all, what you get when you get?
Exploiting others will perish instead of cherishing
Respect, for so long has been misinterpreted
Indeed, if someone intends to spoil you
A lingering light is enough to fill a man heart
World needs a helping hand
Plagues,storms, deadly eyes served enough
Fear, anxiety, threats, insecurity have destructed others
So, why be others?

Sania Mania

Literature Graduate,love to write.

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