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Patience, the word, which I often heard of from my father. When I was a kid, I used to be unaware of the fact, that, what patience mean? I am not ashamed to say that, I had no idea about when I was 23. As a brown kid, our families are not that much open to talk with any issue. I do not know about other parents, but as an Asian, I have seen most of our families are too shy or too underdeveloped on talking about any personal issue openly. Patience is something necessary to talk about. Especially parents or the elderly person of the house, are needed to talk about it and its importance to an individual, who is struggling with life, in an early stage. 

Patience is the stage, where a person can hold on in-spite of any perilous situation. We all struggle with our everyday life to survive. Most of us are frustrated, anxious because of day to day struggle. It is really hard to hold on when you are facing something unbearable. I often see people shouting, losing control over and over. The moment of anger and frustration not only messing up the situation around you but also can make your inner environment malicious. It can not be said that a person has been born impatient. Most of the time, it has been seen that long-term difficulties in life or long-term struggle or waves of failure used to make an individual less patient. How can you identify a person with zero patience or less patience?…….. In our everyday life, we use various means of transport for traveling. You can see, some of them are fighting with each over a small matter, or abusing each other because of something, that is actually “nothing”. When I travel to the office, I often see girls or boys are struggling over a seat, or verbally abusing each other for small matters like, “why you touched me”? “why you do not adjust a little bit”? Over-crowded places will create a mess. I often see their eyes, impatient eyes, have no level of tolerance in them. Last Saturday, I was going to the office, fortunately, I got a seat, there I saw a girl wearing a saree, was standing before my seat. She was annoyed with everything, with everyone, with every single incident. She was continuously making some sound, as she was very much everything. when the bus stopped near the park circus station, she started to shout, “why the bus is standing? we have to go to the office. Return our fares, as if decided to stay in a single place”. All I was doing, observing that girl, and I have realized no amount of shouting or making any annoying sound can make you reach early in the office. If you want to reach by time, you need to get your traveling facility. 

Patience not only gives sight to think you rationally but also makes your endurance level higher. I have realized one more thing that, you need to be silent to grow your patience. If you are unable to sit silently in a place, how can you understand what is annoying you? You need a good amount of silent atmosphere and inner silence to evaluate yourself. You need to ask yourself right questions, so you can get a clue about your issue, the question be like,

Why I am so annoyed?

Why I only react in a certain way?

Why I easily get annoyed?

When I listen to something, that is not aligned with my thought, I get frustrated, But why?

Why I easily get frustrated?

When something is not in my control, still I get hyper and start to react. why?

Here, I can say, most of the people used to put blame on other people, like, “he said something annoying, so I did that. He should not like this to me.” Do we ever think that the person said you something annoying, and you said the same annoying words to that person. In this way, you became annoyed. Next, when you talk with someone, you will annoy that person, as you are annoyed by the previous person. The process will go on. Is there no end to this? 

A moment of patience in a moment of anger saves you a hundred moments of regret. ~unknown | inspirational quote, printable | Teaching Kids Self-Control

Next time, when you react after being annoyed, just think about it once.  Just being impatience we are not only harming yourself but also making people around us bitter. When you spread bitterness, you only get bitterness in return. You do not believe it? You may be thinking… “If someone behaves in a bad manner, I should react in the same manner. Why should I leave him? I should give him a lesson.” Nah, I am not making up these words, this happens around us daily. Most of the people just think like this way. We need to remember, what you will give to the world, it will come back to you. For example, if you put flowers in a vase, it will give sweet smells. The energy you provide, it vibrates. 

I know, most of the people just thinking that” these words get you money, won’t get you luxury life, car, lifestyle, what does it mean of talking about this shit”? How will survive in your office, without patience? how will you grow up your kids, without a ton of patience? how will you keep working on the same office presentation, without patience? how will you survive your mother-in-law, when you come late from office and she keeps asking you, why have you been so late? how will make your relationships healthy without patience? how will you be happy from inside without patience

Patience brings stability

Patience makes you smarter

Patience makes you more mature

Patience makes you more understanding person

Patience can make you rich if you can make use of it… 😉

Puspita Bhuniya

I am an academic content researcher.

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