One Day I Will Be Accepted By The World

One Day I Will Be Accepted By The World

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One day I will be accepted by the world!


I know my skin is assault

But it’s not my fault,

I know I’m hated by every men

This is because of that demon.


He wanted to see me burn

Because he got spurn,

I don’t know what was in that bottle

That’s why my face got mottle.


As I disagreed,

Something was thrown on me,

Everyone knew it wasn’t liquid

Then why was not he arrested?


I was waiting for a prince to come in my life,

I left my dreams to become his wife,

As time doesn’t stop,

I put my idea to drop.


I thought that he will realize what he has done,

But the court throw me like a bun,

Millions of girls like me suffer,

Which make them do to hit with a snuffer,

Who cares for a girl like me,

And I still think that-

“One day I will be accepted by the world”




Prabhakar Jha

A big man with so many big dreams.

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  1. This poem is heart touching, We just can’t estimate the pain and agony the victim has to go through and the aftermath of it.
    Mind-boggling poem.

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