Oh Kobe! Oh Life! Oh Death!

Oh Kobe! Oh Life! Oh Death!

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Its Origins……

To keep warriors fit;

To keep warriors focused;

To keep warriors ever-winning.

Oh, Kobe…..



You were a warrior like no other!

A warrior that loved and conquered your battlefield.

A battlefield that will miss you!

Oh, Kobe…



Rest Well

Be with the Stars

For you were a Star like no other while you were with us.

Oh, Kobe…



Words escape me…

My thoughts fail me…

So young,

so full of energy, so full of youth

Oh, Gianna.


Find peace in eternity.

As you journey back to your Creator

For you may be with us no more;

But you will forever be in our hearts.

Never to be forgotten.


To Kobe Bryant

To Gianna Bryant

To John Altobelli

To Keri Altobelli

To Alyssa Altobelli

To Christiana Mauser

To Sarah Chesta

To Payton Chesta

To the pilot, Ara Zobayan


We wish you God’s Speed.

Rest in Peace.


To your families and friends;

We wish you our deepest condolences.

It is well…



Albert Masoperh

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