No Pain No Gain

No Pain No Gain

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Don’t sit and wait for things to happen. Don’t expect your life to miraculously take some form of shape without you having to get off your couch. Step out of your comfort zone and go out there. Speak to strangers. Make connections, especially with people who are not your type. Those are the ones who may just show you something different… something other than you’re used to. Always doing the same things will invariably always get you the same old results. If your old self isn’t working, it’s time to reinvent yourself. It’s time to start getting creative.

Life does not need to be rushed and forced. There needs to be harmony between what you would like to achieve and allowing yourself to be in total alignment with the timing of the outcome you are hankering for. We tend to want something in a certain period, not understanding that there is a very important factor of ‘perfect’ timing – something that we won’t recognize until afterward. When things fall into place, taking into account the delays and frustrations, we can see and say “aha now that makes sense…”
You must let life flow naturally, for life’s secret is patience; you must stop forcing and pushing for change and allow things to unfold.
There will always be a need for action. Some think allowing life to flow means not having to move a muscle! It doesn’t quite work that way…allowing life to flow means being guided intuitively with innovative ideas and moving with ease through the necessary steps to achieve the outcome. You see, without taking those steps, you will remain forever in the very place you started at. It’s all about the subtle whispers and the gentle prods that we all feel, the guides that try to communicate with us the right time to take the right steps for our dreams to come closer and closer. Some feel the guidance more strongly than others Are aware and open and it’ll appear that much clearer

We tell ourselves we will be happy when:

we find the right relationship
we get our dream job
we make enough money
we get the recognition we deserve
the world is a better place
the weather gets better
the right politician gets elected
our family supports our dreams

This is an illusion!

If we’re not happy BEFORE we get these things, we won’t be happy after. Not for long at least.

Our brains will always trick us into wanting more.

Permit yourself to be happy now,
for no particular reason. Being alive is a blessing and a reason enough to be happy.

Sometimes life gets messy. We wish things were always neat and tidy and situations and circumstances in our life happened in an orderly fashion. But usually, it doesn’t happen that way. We will have all kinds of things going on at the worst of times and it’s hard to mentally focus when things are all over the place
I have to admit though, that I have personally found the best things happen for me when I am not ready for it to happen! I know many people would go into a head-spin if they had to do things haphazardly the way I have had to deal with things most of my life. It’s taught me to live in the moment, not plan too far ahead and not take things too seriously and to allow things to pan out without forcing things to take shape before it’s time. I’ve learned, in time, to dive into the center of the mess to face it head-on and not tread gingerly around the edges in fear
I have come to understand that spirituality is not all about calmness and being grounded all the time and staying in a trance. It’s about being willing to accept the madness, the messiness and the mayhem that sometimes hits your life at the least expected of times. This is the difference between someone losing it and someone who, despite feeling shaky, showing up to face reality and taking charge of the mess and seeing through the chaos to make sense of it all. All the best things in life will usually have chaos attached! This is so that we grow from the challenge and learn aspects about ourselves that we had no awareness before. How can we possibly stretch ourselves and learn and grow stronger within us if everything worked out exactly how we wanted them to?
It’s only when we feel our messy life is a sign of failure that we fail to grow. So get dirty, roll around in the disorganized way things are thrown at you and have fun trying to keep all the balls up in the air at the same time.

Trust me, it’s taken a lot of knocks and setbacks to think and be the way I think and the way I am. Experiencing darkness and pain helps us learn things that perhaps we wouldn’t learn ordinarily if we were always in a positive frame of mind. I’d suggest with each heartbreak, letdown, and loss, let’s look internally rather than externally for comfort and motivation to get back up again. You have only yourself when all is said and done. Understand that things happen for a reason (I’m sorry but it’s true!) and that there are many lessons to learn each time we have a tumble.

The risk that you’re afraid of taking could be the one that changes your entire life. Take that risk, be bold, leave that job you hate, start that business you’ve dream of starting. Be courageous in your actions. Take that leap of faith and watch in wonder as your life dramatically changes for the better.

Be remembered as a being transforming lives rather than merely existing in this material world of ours. Memories of people fade fast, however, leaving love with those you meet in your journey through life, a tremendous sense of fulfillment is achieved in not only your own heart but in the hearts of every person you touch.

When we think we’re stuck and experience what we think is a “bad” situation, it’s an opportunity for a marvelous thing to take its place in our lives. If nothing bad ever happened in our life, we’d always be stuck doing the same thing we’ve always done and never experience our truest soul purpose. Challenges are what shapes us. Challenges are what opens our eyes to other possibilities that we may never have thought of as an alternative to what we have now if things were to always run smoothly. Sometimes we need things to shake us up, make us uncomfortable and destabilize us. Only then can better things enter in place of the things we tend to get comfortable with and lose our ability to see the limitless skies above instead of the ceiling above limiting our worth and potential.

Watch this video and see how what we see as negative incidents in our lives shift our dynamics and gives us something better.

Don’t suppress your childhood traumas. And don’t create trauma for your children and then blame outside or external issues when your children go off the rails. Creating trauma includes emotional, physical and psychological abuse. This includes talking down to your children, making them feel they are not good enough, that they are not fulfilling YOUR needs and YOUR dreams and shouting and calling them names. These are strong words but they need to be said to stop the cycle of suffering. Break the pattern for future generations. Seek help and sort your issues out.

You disrespect yourself every time you say yes when you want to say no. You call it loyalty or love or friendship. But actually, you’re just hoping and needing to be loved and wanted. It shouldn’t be that way. Start choosing yourself and what feels right for you. Start teaching yourself how to love yourself. Start taking interest in what you want out of life rather than choosing what others choose for you. This is how you will start to shine and this is how your energy will start to shift. Because your life is yours to live. Then you know what happens? People start to want to be with you. They start to choose you instead of you chasing after others in desperation, the way you are running after things and people – that’s desperation and being needy. Choose yourself. Every time. Every single time.

Stop apologizing to them for being who you are. Start apologizing to yourself for being who they wanted you to be. Just Be unapologetic-ally you.

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