No Means No

No Means No

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Why is it always hard to say NO? I always wonder. Sometimes, I think it is fine as frog’s hair but it is not. It is not something that is unfixed. When you cannot say “NO” to anyone, people treat you like horse and rabbit stew. And it is hard to come out of such setup. And when you break the chain by sayin’ once, you are called a bad egg.

In the continuity of being yourself i.e., a person who cannot say no, you face the loss of a face. There’s nothing left in being a true blue. It’s all about courage; then both one can stop you from being valour. So, it’s time for you to stop and smell roses. It
starts from one step only and you can be the life of a party. You won’t be treacherous but you will be far from the dire world. You won’t be feeling guilty with pleasure but you will definitely enjoy oneself.

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