Need of a Co-Founder When You’re Planning a Start-up: From a Personal Point of View

Need of a Co-Founder When You’re Planning a Start-up: From a Personal Point of View

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Need of a Co-Founder When You’re Planning a Startup: From a Personal Point of View

Building a company from scratch requires some real grit and sheer commitment. But let’s not dive into this, I’ll discuss all this in some other article.

Let’s discuss, whether you should or shouldn’t find a co-founder before planning a start-up. I’ll share my experience and you can decide for yourself.

It’s a fact that doing a startup is a daunting process and emotionally draining. It literally carves a person out from inside. Doing a startup reveals your true identity, your true character. It truly tests your patience up to its limit. Who you are and what are you made of? Do you really want to do a startup or are you doing this just for the sake of the name, fame, money, luxurious cars, girls, parties, etc? If so, then my humble request to you, please don’t even dare to enter in this field. It’ll suck your soul out of the body.

If you’re still reading this article, most probably you want to do a startup and build something meaningful for the society.

Now let’s come straight to the point- after reading the above passage, if you think you can survive and will sail through the ocean alone, then my friend you are horribly wrong.

You need to have a co-founder in order to manage, and divide the stress, responsibilities, workload, pressure because you can’t do it all by yourself.

What to Look For in a Co-Founder?

During my hunt for the perfect co-founder, I basically looked for three things-

  1. Is he/she honest and loyal? (most important criteria for me)
  2. Is he/she passionate enough to solve a particular problem, and can he/she persevere in tough times?
  3. Do we share the same vision?
  4. His/her skill set,

and guess what? I hit a bingo- I found one having all these traits!

Where to Find Your Ideal Co-Founder?

Well, to be honest, I found my co-founder in quite a miraculous way, and I’d like to keep it a secret for now, but I promise that I’ll surely reveal it one day.

And on your part, the aptest platform presently is LinkedIn. Try this platform and do due diligence on your part.

Finding your perfect co-founder can be a loathsome, cumbersome and hectic process, as I got mine after a hunt of 11 months (neither I’m kidding nor lying ). Be patient throughout the process, and one day you will be standing in front of your ideal co-founder.

Concluding, I’d like to say a few words about my co-founder:

When we met for the first time, we were complete strangers to each other. Now almost after a year since we met, we’re more than just co-founders. He is one of my closest friend. He is a magnificent public speaker. We both compliment each other really well. We share every little thing with each other. He is so artistic and talented. He is always calm and cool in tough situations. He has an outstanding personality.

May you all get the same co-founder as mine.

And if you’ve already got your ideal co-founder, then mention their one topmost qualities which you want to adopt along with their name, and how you complement each other in the comments section.




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  1. It really is a cumbersome task to find a compatible co-founder.
    I believe having a common vision connects more than anything.

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