Neck Pain: Medical Education for the Patient

Neck Pain: Medical Education for the Patient

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I came across a friend with neck pain recently, and I decided to dive into this topic. Having a background of M.D., this is a topic that I find intriguing, and researching on it is very interesting.


First of all, neck pain can manifest itself as the sole symptom, or among other symptoms such as arm pain and neurologic symptoms such as tingling.


The causes of neck pain are diverse. They can be neurologic (involving a nerve), they can involve the disc (such as cervical hernia) as well as the muscle. Many diseases can involve these structures, and it’s up to the physician to determine which disease is most likely.


Let’s take a look at the diseases that may manifest themselves as neck pain.


Cervical hernia with compression of a nerve:


In this disease, the disc is degenerating, leading to a bulge of the disc outside of it’s socket. Normally, disc herniation occurs in the lumbar area of the spine, but yes, it can also occur in the cervical area as well. The patient may experience disturbing tingling in the arms as well as arm pain.


Muscular strain:


This disease is acute. The individual makes an abnormal movement of the neck, leading to a strain. There is inflammation of the muscle. Somehow, the pain doesn’t subside, leading to a chronic phenomenon. The person may have difficulty relaxing, and the stress builds up in the neck. In that circumstance, non-pharmacological treatments may help alleviate the neck pain.


Alnold neuralgia:


This affection involves head pain as well, since the Arnold nerve travels up the head. The physician will suspect this disease if the patient presents with headaches. A treatment in the form of a cortisone injection exists with excellent success rates.


All in all, neck pain is most of the time chronic. The patient must not abandon trying to find the best treatment for him. He may explore treatments in the alternative medicine realm, as well as consulting a physician.

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  1. Prevention is better than cure. We can save ourselves from such things but the issue is we take our body for granted and become vulnerable to such things.

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