Modern Corporate System – Digital Slavery

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I was going through history books recently and found a black spot on the face of humankind. Out of multiple events, slavery has been a slap on human faces. All of the nations who claim to be educated and wise have gone through this event.

The BackStory of Slavery

When we study history, we’ll find out that no nation is safe from the cruel act. Whether it’s the ‘Almighty’ United States or the backward desserts of Africa, each of them is the witness of the act.

The process of rich controlling the poor dates back to 3500 BC. Long before any written history, when humans built the first society, they had the idea of using the poor for personal gains.

Whether you are an Arab, American, French, or Asian, somehow, your ancestors had a relation with slavery. But, over time, we were able to recover and hide this system. Well, not exactly!

Digital Slavery

We have made amazing advancements in our world. We have built empires, we have studied the depths of oceans, and we have reached the moon. But, we also have revived the slavery system.

 This time we have labeled the cruel act in a professional language. We hire experts who come up with interesting and attractive labels, so we don’t think about slavery. Today, I am shedding light on the modern corporate system that we all love so much.

The Basics

When we study the key elements of slavery, we’ll find out a few factors which played a vital role in the filthy act of mankind. Every master in that era used the vulnerability of the weak people for personal gains.

The issues of injustice, punishment, and emotional torture are found commonly in the history books. The masters used to take the problems of the slaves as lightly as feeding their animals. So far, I haven’t touched the topic of the modern corporate system. But you will be raising your eyebrows at this moment.

Back in the day, the slaves were being paid way less than what they deserved; they had to work when their families needed them. It didn’t matter if they were going through a psychological problem. They had to keep their master happy no matter what the situation is in their personal lives. Do you feel any similarity?? Let’s roll-on!

Corporate Structure

I’ve shed light on the slave culture of the past. Now let’s discuss the glorious and everyone’s favorite corporate system. If you have experience of working in a corporate system, it will feel like I am writing your experiences.

During your career, have you ever felt that you are being screwed out of your deserving spot? Have you ever felt that you deserve better? Are you looking for an alternate opportunity? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then you aren’t satisfied with your boss, and it is not your fault.

Just like the masters, modern management uses the weakness of the employees to earn profit for their organization. It is common that in every office, you will find an employee who isn’t being rewarded with the result of all the hard work.

It is not a secret that your personal emotions don’t matter in a modern system. Your boss would’ve told you to get your act together so you can increase revenue for the company. No matter what you have faced back at home, if you aren’t performing at work, you will be facing issues.


The topic that I have touched needs a detailed study and can’t be covered in just one article. Similarly, it is hard to share the solution here in this article. But my purpose is to change the life of only a single individual. That single person can be you or your friend.

Instead of relying on the all glitter corporate structure, get yourself a skill. This is the age of technology, and it is not hard to learn from the best. I am not here to promote any platform. But let’s be honest, we’ll love to be our own boss! The best way to achieve that is by providing your services directly to the market via freelancing.


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