Mindfulness: The Art of Self-Focus for a Holistic Personal Growth

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What does it mean when we say that you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN? Well, it boils  down to one thing. It is the art of mindfulness to  make your life fruitful and filled with happiness and contentment. It involves an amazing coping strategy with  various stressors around you which cause debilitating health problems if not addressed immediately by a medical practitioner. Mindfulness allows each one to have a sustainable personal growth in both aspects of physical wellness and mental resiliency.

Being present with your own self involves a contemplative practice to  enhance our talents,  experiences and capacities for developing our awareness and focus. It is a  manner of redirecting our attention to give way towards the realization of  goal or purpose. Did you know that the you must be present formula leads us to accomplish three important  things in life? First and foremost, we  can vividly observe different things around us through the use of our physical body thinking and unpredictable emotions. For example, when we have a difficult problem to be solved.

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All of these systems must coordinate with one another to come up with the best and viable solution. Also, the real expression of empathy and self-awareness is very crucial to strongly indicate your loving presence in someone’s life to make a difference in one’s personal world by comforting a friend during the stormiest day in his or her existence. Lastly, the ability of being present to win allows you to enjoy life to the fullest without being unfairly judged by others.

To wrap up, the motivating factor behind You must be present to win is to be your creative and  positive self to triumph over any adversity that will come your way.


Cheryle Baviera

I am a Filipina blogger who loves to write anything under the sun. Though i was born with physical limitations, success is always a motivating factor for me to soar high like an eagle in any endeavor that i choose to engage in.

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