Midlife Career Crises or Self Discovery

Midlife Career Crises or Self Discovery

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Regret. Its a word, a feeling that doesn’t really hit you hard until you are done with your career, your work life. And then it comes uninvited, slowly visiting you at the unlikeliest times and places. If you did what you loved, you wouldn’t have retired, that’s for sure.

If by chance, you worked a job you hated, you would sulk at the missed opportunities and the risks not taken for trying something you really loved.

In this context, I would like to bring in the topic of Mid-life career crisis. It can happen to the best of people and its completely normal. No need to feel guilty about it. We sometimes tend to ignore our gut and tend to choose a life of ease and bad career choices. I would say it is ok to realise that, as they say, ” Better late than Never. Choosing a path we love takes guts, lots of scrapping, being thrown out of the comfort zone constantly and constant unlearning and relearning. It can be actually a process of self-discovery if you are bold enough to go that way.

However the returns it brings you are just too mindboggling. The satisfaction to do your thing, waking up every day to new ideas of how you are going to crush it and peace of mind are a few big motivation factors. Let’s talk about deterrents and detractors too. The biggest hindrance is the feeling that ” What people will say” about changing my career after such a long time and at this time in life. Second is financial backup until you make your side hustle into full-time work.

Golden Secret to this: People do not really care about you and your life, they are way too busy and worried about their own life. You owe to no one except you to improve or pivot your life story.

Nothing is final in your life. Keep experimenting with all the things that excite you and take 10 challenges around you. Check if your passion can be a possible solution to any one of the burning problems. There you have got your career path.

Start small, work for free or peanuts, just to build up your portfolio in your desired field, then start raising the bar for your performance and pay too. It’s ok to fail, but not ok to stop trying. Great things are built by ordinary men and women who didn’t give up on their dreams and kept trying, with more planning and better execution each time they failed.

I myself am going through a career transition and there is no shame in accepting that, at least I tried to do what I loved.

Want my fellow humans who are also stuck in their lives is such situations to break free and finally start doing things you really and always wanted to do.

Here’s how I am cracking the code:

  1. Writing daily/vlog on any one Social media platforms
  2. Share selflessly anything of value to your audience
  3. Build up your network
  4. Ask your audience questions and they will guide you
  5. Attend meetups of relevant topics
  6. Network, Network, Network
  7. Travel a bit
  8. Scourge the internet for your passion interests, identify your niche and microniche

Finally ending with some words of Wisdom: “Anything you can imagine is real” by Pablo Picasso. These words imply that no dream is small, no idea is worth not trying.

Till my next article, keep hustling!

satish mishra

I am an IT professional, but a writer at heart. I yearn to travel places, learn about new people , and their lives. Anything and everything ancient about India excites me to no end and i go deep into researching it. I have interests in Ancient Indian warfare weapons, farming, alchemy, vimanas, portable furnace, and lot more. Its very easy to know me, only thing i despise is judging me due to my outer appearance, looks can be misleading. know me first and then take a call. Enough said...

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