Men are from MARS and women are from VENUS

Men are from MARS and women are from VENUS

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“Men and women can not live without each other but they found it really hard to live together too”

There is a huge debate happening out there about differences among men and women.A school of thought is continuously trying to prove that women are same as men.But its not true. Yes! They are not same but both of them are equally important for each other.God created them for each other.He created ADAM and EVE to start this mankind.Both genders are pillars of society.There relationship decides the well being of a family and a society as a whole.

But both of them are always in a a competition and no one wants to lose it and in the end both lose.But when they work as a team they can lead foundation of a happy family and prosperous society.Because individuals learn from their environment and children from happy families perform very well in every aspect and contribute a lot to the society.The key point is to understand and respect each other at the same time.They both should have a clear understanding about their differences without looking down the other.God created them different physically, emotionally and mentally.

This book written by JOHN GRAY is an absolute guide for couples to beautify their relationship.It is written in a very simple manner and every thing is explained in detail.Author basically brings readers to a world where men and women belong to different planets and meet on earth.Men belong to Mars and women belong to Venus.Mars and Venus had their own cultures that are very different from each other and so their residents think and use to live differently.All those differences explained beautifully and one can easily understand every thing.I bet every reader can relate to it.This is a book worth reading. In fact if your relationship is going through hard times, you can settle down your issues easily.It helps you understand the very fact that the “Opposite gender is not wrong, they are just different.”

It will help you understand each others’ language and to discover different emotional needs. You can better communicate difficult feelings and get your partner’s support.You can learn to avoid arguments.I am sure this book reveals precious secrets to keep the magic of love alive.Good Luck!

Aqsa Aftab

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