Matheran – A destination for everyone in an affordable budget.

Matheran – A destination for everyone in an affordable budget.

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Matheran, a quick getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city welcomes hundreds of tourists each week. It is a great hang out for college trips, romantic solace.


How to get there:
The easiest option is to book a cab. But if you want to make this trip memorable, a suggestion is you take a train. Get down at Neral Station in Central line. From there, you can get a shared Omni. From there you will be taken to AMAN Lodge in a shuttle. Voila! You have reached your pollution-free destination.


Where to stay:
There a lot of options for accommodation. The agents take bookings from outside of Neral Station itself. But that would cost you a bit too much. There are Guesthouses to stay in. If you are good at bargaining, then you will surely crack a good deal. You can choose from a range of hotels as per your budget.


What to see:
There are a lot of places to visit in Matheran. The echo point, 9D theatre, parks are some of them.
Horse riding is great to try. There are a total of 21 places to visit in Matheran. So make sure you start early.


The food :
The food here is not too expensive. If you are on a strict budget, you can always eat at average restaurants present. They are not fancy, but the food is affordable and good.
Chikki and jelly are quite famous here. Make sure you don’t miss them.


If you are looking for a romantic candlelight dinner with your partner, some restaurants offer this service through pre-booking. The Matheran ambiance is just perfect for a romantic holiday.
The network here is pretty bad. You can buy a local sim card.
The shop owners and basically everyone tries to charge you more as you are a tourist, don’t give up. Your bargaining skills will save you from getting duped.

The nightlife is calm, so keep your adventures limited to daylight.

Plan your trip soon to this beautiful place and bring along a bag full of memories.

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