Made in China – a 100% Indian Movie!

Made in China – a 100% Indian Movie!

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Made in China” is showing the hardship of a start-up entrepreneur! Apart from all the slang dialogs said in this movie, there is a lot of practical views to be learned from this movie to be a successful entrepreneur. There is a huge difference between a Businessperson and an Entrepreneur!

An entrepreneur can innovate new idea to do an orthodox work even. But he or she has to know a few key skills of well execution of his/ her plans. For a start-up entrepreneur, sometimes it has become a pain to grow up his/her idea! The real entrepreneur must know to absorb this pain. Only then one can be another Tata or another Birla or another Ambani. Once he/she goes safely through this pain, his/her idea will be appreciated by this world.

But it is not too easy to face the pain. The entrepreneur has to be mentally tungsten to stand strongly in all bad situations during his/her journey. These all bitterness of life experience sometimes make him/her to be too abrupt to speak rude words often.

I would like to share my own journey just similar to Made in China. In my next blog, I will share my journey with my BRAINCHILD MON POKHILA! How people tried to discourage me and the same high profile people are now abruptly interfering in my work!!! So what should I call them????

Malabika SK

I am a fighter.I don't like to give up until the last minute. My belief "Always be positive to solve problems. We will definitely get a solution." I love challenges and can't tolar any unfair!

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