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Have you guys ever stopped to think how many of us love our body for what it is? Fat or skinny, fair or dark, big belly or thick thighs, no matter what, almost everyone in our society is subjected to body shaming. Sad but true. Here are some examples:-

  • “Look, how beautiful she is! I wish I could be like her”
  • “With that figure, no one will look at you twice”
  • “Look at her! She’s so skinny”

Now the question is, why people do it? 

Mostly, people do it as a defence mechanism, when they are not satisfied with something about that person or hurt by them, it’s easier to hurt them back rather than talk with them, solving the issue. Another big reason is our society. From our childhood, we are taught that this is the ideal figure, you should have this or that. The society taught us to fit in a box rather than loving yourself for who you are. Day or night, people constantly taunt those who do not have that figure which is approved by society. 

Now the thing is, should we suffer for it?

No, definitely not. Love yourself for who you are. Don’t try to be the so-called perfect person. Be fit, be healthy for yourself, but not for anyone else. Not to fit in that one box. You are here for a purpose, you are special, don’t be sad because some stupid people can’t see that. Everyone is unique in their own way. Communicate with your friends if they hurt you. But no body shaming, please. IT REALLY HURTS.

You’re who you are. Many people will understand it and love you for that. Get rid of the negative people in your life. Love your body, love yourself. After all, if you can’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else too!


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