Life’s Gut- Busting Lessons to Ponder and Live By with a Smile

Life’s Gut- Busting Lessons to Ponder and Live By with a Smile

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Fruitful and life’s gut-busting lessons could dynamically transform yourself into an amazing person with a grateful heart. Shape your heart and mind by being open to the challenging invitations as they come. In other words, do not be afraid to be spontaneous about everything. Spontaneity is the best antidote against your senseless fears and nonsense habits. It opens new doors to both creativity and the inner happiness you earnestly deserve. This is your undaunted and positive response to any undertaking to help you develop and use your unique experiential gain. Also, goals are completed through exploration and experimentation. Thus, our varied experiences whether good or bad must be enjoyed to the fullest. Always nurture the value of being spontaneous because it’s a larger than life form of realization.-To expect good things each day like a big surprise.

Never hold back drastic changes in life that encompass full commitment. This is just a matter of self-correcting our wayward attitudes and behaviors.  However, we might fell short on our attempts about behavior modifications. To begin the strategic applications of life’s gut-busting lessons, face, conquer, and let go of your fears with a strong conviction. Next, each one of us should learn and appreciate the values of compulsion in its very practical context. Do not cease to discover anything in this world to foster the deepest satisfaction in life. Do not be upset to learn new and wonderful things. Compulsion resonates both creation and discovery to make our life exciting and worth living.

None of us are exceptions to adversities. The insightful life’s gut-busting lessons teach us how to accept adversities and then make peace with them to live and be happy for a lifetime. Be realistic in solving all your issues, by accepting this bittersweet truth that it is too impossible for us to control things sometimes. Accept these inevitables of our existence to free us from stresses and depression. Liberate ourselves from negativities to change our focus of attention. Practice self-compassion every single moment of our journey. Speak kindly to ourselves from the time we woke up. This will be an enriching avenue to perceive positive outcomes in life today and in the not so distant future.

One helpful hint to my unguarded temperament is to do away with unnecessary overreactions and diligently practice with its opposite- UNDERREACTING. Analyze those bad and happy moments and its consequences. Then, think of them as blessings in disguise. Above all these, you must remember that troubles will come and go. However, these baggage do not leave us for good. Problems are mental exercises that make us stronger, faithful to God, and in our self-commitment to succeed in any area of our temporary journey here on earth. Finally, one of life’s gut-busting lessons that will make us happy each day is to STOP WORRYING. We all know, that it is not easy to do. But, have you ever realized that it is a DEADLY POISON FOR A BRIGHT FUTURE? Worries about the next ten years of life are time-wasting. Live for today and your future will be more abundant, peaceful, and worth living.


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I am a Filipina blogger who loves to write anything under the sun. Though i was born with physical limitations, success is always a motivating factor for me to soar high like an eagle in any endeavor that i choose to engage in.

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